Question: Brother Keep up the good work.. Very helpful site.. Baba always mentions remember me and your sins will be absolved. What are your thoughts.. What does ne mean by that.. Imagining a point of light by going to paramdham does not give any experience or feeling for me and is extremely hard to stay in that awareness for some time.. I think he means – use his knowledge and try to stay in soul consciousness.., which in turn mean feel your soul and stay in the awareness of it’s virtues.. Do u think the same?..

Thank you for your kind words and question!
Dear soul,
As long as you are having a fulfilling experience, you are in the right path.
Remembrance is personal and numberwise. I have shared in this blog my style of remembrance which at the same time changes in time as I change.
For me it is important to feel the soul to get into that soul conscious state and to stay there. That soul after all is “me.” Those qualities are in “me” already as it is in God because God is also another soul. We are “like the Father” when we are in that consciousness.
Your experience will be very personal, but rather than thinking what Baba meant, experience it however you would like to experiment.
Experimenting gives you an experience, that experience is your own knowledge of things, which cannot be disputed, because you have experienced it.

Best wishes!

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