Question: Dear Divine Brother, Am in Gyaan since 15 years. Since more than 5 years am facing problems balancing myself. Mostly i never miss Amritvelas and Murlis. But they seems only as a theory probably. My mind is full of Lustful thoughts. I wake up Amritvela but lust hunts me. Am struggling a lot to overcome sexual thoughts in me. The moment the day I plan up for a better yogi life style,,,,on that day more lustful thought raises. This struggle is going on since couple of years. Am not able to overcome it. How to come out practically.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Do not get discouraged. Thoughts will come and go. Don’t feel guilty about them, just “catch yourself” thinking those things without judging them as “bad” or feeling “guilty.” Thoughts are just a movie and if you give those thoughts importance by feeling bad about them, certainly they will repeat even in a stronger fashion.
Let them go. Just do not feel engaged on those thoughts, meaning that your feelings should remain stable and away from your thoughts.
This is something practical but requires practice.
It surprises me that you have been in Gyan for that long and this issue just came up 5 years ago.
Here is my general advice without knowing much about you:
1) Check that your diet is proper and that you are following the Maryadas on this respect without exceptions.
2) Check the activities that you are engaged in and see if those could have an influence in those thoughts that you are experiencing.
3) Check your level of testosterone with a doctor. If you keep a sattvic diet, the level will decrease in general.
4) Use physical exercises as an outlet for your physical energy. Choose running as an exercise or any other strenuous cardiovascular activity, if possible.
5) Open your feelings. In my experience sex lust is just the inability to express sexual energy in higher feelings from the heart. Nature and being in Nature will help as well as expressing your feelings through poetry or any other art form where you can be creative.
6) The quality of your yoga depends on those feelings. Sitting in Amrit Vela by compulsion (because you have to do it) means nothing unless you have a fulfilling experience of yoga. That is what helps.
7) Have a vision for the gender that you are attracted to, of loving feelings from the heart.

If you would like to share more about your particular case, you can do so (starting January 2nd.)

Best wishes!

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