Question: Om shanti: I’m really enjoying studying Gyan and feel I am progressing with it. Please could you answer my question: The recent shootings in USA killing many children – what sort of karma would be involved in their past lives to bring about such tragedy? Many thanks.

Thank you for your question!

That is a “group karma.” Perhaps even more than the karmic account of those children, we need to consider those of their parents. At the end, the loved ones of those who are dead, are the ones who will have to cope with their sadness.

What we need to remember about this, according to Gyan is that “there are no victims.” It is a Drama and everything in it happens through “cause and effect.” With knowledge, we will not be deluded by the form of the main victims (kids) but we will see souls settling karmic accounts. Although it is a very sad episode (and by all means gyani souls need to play the role of having empathy with those suffering,) in the unlimited the significance is of finishing a role and taking a different one through cause and effect.

Best wishes!


  1. madhan

    The tree of religions: Abraham and Islam? in this article of the picture of kalpa tree . but there are no shiva baba exists . only indefinite light is there. where is shivbaba ?


    • avyakt7

      Dear soul,
      That picture was one of the earliest pictures of Gyan. At that time, Shiva was unknown. It was later when Shiva was known (I will refer you to check about the beginnings of the Yagya) and then the pictures changed accordingly.

      Best wishes!


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