SM Dec. 25th-2012 – “They should continue to write down the points and also correct them.”

“The topic of how Brahma becomes Vishnu and how Vishnu becomes Brahma is very good. The significance of the whole cycle is included in that. Sensible children should be able to imbibe all of these things very well. They should continue to write down the points and also correct them.”

Sakar Murli December 25, 2012

Hello everyone!

Enjoying my vacation. 🙂 Today is a holiday in Peru after celebrating Christmas the “Peruvian way.” 🙂

I decided to catch up with some questions from readers. I liked very much the Murli point above. As you can see Gyan is not a ready made book, but it is a journey a living journey of discovery. It is sheer poetry and expression which could be understood in different levels, all of them right, but some of them deeper than others.

Hope that in this new year, the “corrections” will be considered when they deserve it. Churning Gyan is a gift, just like any other gift. We cannot force that gift to appear in some people just because they have been around longer in the BK family (in this life) or because they have been born in India or the UK.

The only requisite is “effort making.” From that point, it is numberwise.

Wish you a happy new year and shall be back with “new” things in January, in the meantime; below some answers to different questions.

Best wishes!

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