Question: Great blog – happy to have a bigger perspective. Question – Baba says ‘the whole part is recored in the soul’ (possibly the deepest point of gyan) – and that ‘the soul is a resident of the far away land/home’. I’ve often wondered if indeed we are always in the soul world and just having an experience of our part from a non-physical state of peace. If everything we experience is in the soul – then even the world is in the soul (our experience of the world) – so could we just be in the home? This FEELS true to me as we are eternal and safe always as we watch this movie unfold from within. I’m interested in your thoughts. On a side note: This blog is really hard to read because of the black background. I have skills in design plus lots of wordpress themes you could use – so if you want to change it let me know. More people will read.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

Quantum physics is bringing a different perspective to understand Baba’s knowledge (will write more about it in the future.)
The point “the soul has its part recorded in it” It is a deep point as long as we do not take that literally. Nothing has been recorded and certainly there has never been a time when someone “recorded” a part in the soul.

The understanding of paradoxes and the quantum mechanics concepts of “being /non-being” (which has existed in Taoist thought before) allow us to understand that we are sort of “multidimensional beings.” There is no single place where we “are,” but paradoxically we “are” located where our consciousness is located.

In other words, we can “be” in the physical world, in the soul world and in the subtle region at the same “time” (from the perspective of the physical world, for in the subtle region and in the soul world there is no time ) and the “movie unfolding” is not really “us” but we experience it that way for our consciousness is stuck in that illusion which paradoxically is “real” to us. Most feel the “movie” to be them.

Moreover, the question of “where are we?” is not really a fair question, for location only exists in the physical realm and not in the other two (soul world, subtle region) however, we want an answer based on the physical “reality.”

That is the problem with science and classical physics in trying to understand spirituality. The scientific vision is stuck in the physical world thus, it will be unable to understand non-physical dimensions. That was until Quantum mechanics appeared and from that point, we could easily dismantle any scientific “truth” about anything considered “real.”

The video below explains this. How can we explain the world of 3 dimensions to a person whose consciousness is stuck in only 2 dimensions? Is the person fully conscious of 3 dimensions “really” living in the third dimension only?
As far as the background of the blog. It is the first time that I hear about a problem with a black background. I could switch the color to a white background with black fonts . If 2 other readers would like for that to happen, I will do so. Nevertheless, I have written another blog with a black background for several years and never heard a complain about it. From my perspective, it actually allows me to pick up my orthographic mistakes better than writing in a white background. It is easier on the eyes from my perspective when I use a black background.

Thank you for your valuable input.
Best wishes!


  1. avyakt7

    Thank you both for your warmest “welcome back.”

    Today it has been a challenging day, for I have plenty of “stuff” going at the same time… 🙂

    It seems that we have the 3 readers to change the background, so I will do so.

    Thanks for your valuable input.

    BTW: If you subscribe to recieve email, the email message comes in a standard light background.


  2. pmmcur

    Om shanti brother, nice to see your’e back. All the best wishes for a wonderful new year!
    Just writing to agree with comment on the black background, it gives me more difficulty reading. Am going to watch the video now.
    Good wishes!


  3. B.K.Gayathri

    Dear divine brother, Om shanti and welcome back. Thanks for the confusing explanation based on quantum mechanics. 🙂 i think i am better off just knowing that i am a soul and that i can not get ‘lost’.

    i do support the brother who mentioned that the black background for the blog is not very appealing. i thought of writing about it some time ago but in the meantime you went for a long vacation.

    Please do not count it as just 2 members sending you this request. Baba says that 1 and 1 makes 11.

    Thanks and regards,


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