Comments on Sakar Murli – January 5, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, you become sensible with this one great mantra of Manmanabhav. This is the mantra that liberates you from all sins.

Question: What is the essence of the entire knowledge? What are the signs of those who remain Manmanabhav?
Answer: The essence of the entire knowledge is that we now have to return home. This world is dirty; we have to renounce it and return to our home. Simply to remember this much is also to be Manmanabhav. The children
who remain in the stage of Manmanabhav constantly churn the ocean of knowledge. They have sweet spiritual conversations with Baba.

Question:By coming under the influence of which habit is a soul not able to stay in remembrance of the Father?
Answer:If a soul has the habit of looking at dirty pictures or reading the dirty news, he is unable to stay in remembrance of the Father. The cinema too is a gateway to hell and it spoils your attitude.

Essence for dharna:

1. You are the children of the Bestower of Happiness, and you therefore have to give happiness to everyone.
Never cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds.

2. Both the Teacher and the teachings are wonderful. Never be absent or miss such wonderful teachings.

Blessing: May you remain full of all attainments and thereby constantly free from labouring in Brahmin life.

In this Brahmin life, you become so full through your three relationships with the Bestower, the Bestower of
Fortune and the Bestower of Blessings that you can stay in spiritual pleasure without making any effort.
Remember the Father in the form of the Bestower and you will have the intoxication of your spiritual rights.
Remember Him in the form of the Teacher and you will have the intoxication of being a Godly student and
remember the Satguru who is making you move with blessings at every step. You have elevated directions
for every action as blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Remain full of all attainments in this way and
you will remain free from having to labour.

Slogan: Lightness and subtlety of the intellect is the most beautiful personality.

In this Murli Baba is teaching us that remembrance is the most important aspect of this study. Why? Because this study is about becoming soul conscious. There are no other “yukties” which can replace the experience of soul consciousness. In the Sakar days, Brahma Baba’s method use to be to create repulsion on something which exists, so it is forgotten. “This is hell, dirty old bodies, etc.” That method to teach “disinterest” when taken literally cause rejection and whenever is rejection, suppression will arise and with that emotional issues as well.
“Manmanabhav,” has been changing with different methods in every Murli. Avyakt Murlis have a more sophisticated way of remembrance in my opinion, but any method that someone feels is good for them, it is good.
The importance of “manmanabhav” is the experience of a different consciousness which will naturally sink in as we practice it. “Manmanabhav” cannot be attained by rejecting the current situation, for as we know, it is just an “illusion,” but at the same time part of an unlimited and eternally repetitive Drama.

Below some Murli points to churn:

“The Father will definitely take you back with Him because He knows that this is a dirty old world. I have come into this old world to take the children home. Baba explains: While sitting here, you children must be feeling inside that that One really is your unlimited Father and that He gives you very elevated teachings. He has also explained the secrets of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation. To remember all of this is also to be Manmanabhav; it can be included in your chart.”

This is a very childish explanation to provoke distaste but probably necessary at the time. The Father does not know about this world being “dirty and old.” Those are words which are known only by those who experience duality. God does not experience duality. Without that experience there is no knowledge of it.
As Baba explains we could consider going to “the soul world” as going back home. It is a very poetic way to put it. There cannot be enjoyment of this Drama if we are constantly thinking: “is time to go home.” Home is now. In that “home,” there will not be “you.” The reason to know about our future is so we can see this game and fully enjoy our part. “It is just a ride. Enjoy it.”

“They believe that all of that has been going on since time immemorial. They even say of the scriptures that they have been continuing since time immemorial. However, human beings don’t realize that there are no scriptures in heaven.”

In this point we see the difference between Western and Eastern histories and philosophies. For Westerners, we progress as time goes by. We went from a cave man to a “coffee man,” sitting in a cubicle looking at his computer. That is progress. 🙂
On the other hand, the Eastern way of looking at time goes along with the law of entropy. There is further chaos as time goes by. Elevated civilizations have existed before, as scientists and historians without agendas will support though their findings.

“The Father Himself is knowledge-full. Did someone educate Him? He is the Living Seed of the human world tree. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. Because he is the Living Being, He tells you all the secrets of the human world tree from the beginning to the end.”

We need to “remember” that in all accuracy, we cannot learn anything. Knowledge is in our roles already. That knowledge will expand in our roles according to the trigger of “efforts” that we will accomplish. The seed, God; awakens that which we used to know .

“Yes, Maya makes you make mistakes and you are not aware of them. Maya blows dust in your eyes so that you forget that it is God who is teaching you.”

To increase our awareness is the reason to follow the Maryadas. To become sensitive to spirituality again. Our mistakes are the product of that journey. However, as we know our mistakes are necessary to become what we will become. God is purifying us through our remembrance.

“The knowledge that the Father gives is unique. No one except you can understand it.”

As we know, we can understand this knowledge numberwise and according to time. No other souls belonging to another religion/clan will be able to “understand” meaning feel related with it, for they have not experienced the Golden and Silver ages.

“It is not that everyone will go to heaven anyway. If you do not imbibe knowledge and yoga, you will not be able to claim a high status. Baba says: In order to become 16 celestial degrees full, you have to make a lot of effort for remembrance.”

As mentioned before, “heaven” is not the accurate word to denote the Golden and Silver ages.

“The Father says: Never be absent; never leave this study. Baba receives everyone’s register. Baba can understand from that when someone stays absent for ten months and when someone else stays absent for six months. While moving along, some leave this study. This is very wonderful; there is nothing as wonderful as this!”

In order to keep progressing by maintaining our intellects busy in spiritual knowledge, hearing /reading the Murli becomes a necessity. If we churn the Murli, automatically our understanding of it will increase. That is the blessing. If we stop studying our minds will become busy in trivial things and we will go back into the “old world,” without a doubt.

“Baba explains that this world in general is hell and that the cinema in particular is like hell. By going there, your attitude becomes completely spoilt. Even when they look at nice pictures in the newspapers the intellects are then pulled towards them. Thoughts arise that a particular one is very beautiful, that she should get a prize. Why do you look at such pictures? Your intellects understand that the whole world is to end. Simply continue to remember Me. Do not think about or look at such things. All of those dirty bodies belong to the old world. What is there to see in them? Only see the Father.”

Brahma Baba’s method was to avoid anything which could send our thoughts away from spirituality. That is a first step in spirituality which could be known as “rejecting.”
After listening to the Murli, I went to do my laundry. On the side of the washing machine (public place) there was a picture of a “belly dancer.” When I looked at it, I remembered this Murli point. I realized that the picture is not the issue but my vision and feelings towards it. Someone could see grace and beauty, while other could see lust and feelings of possession. Others could see a picture and feel nothing at all. A picture is just a picture. What we feel belongs to our inner vision and feelings, which are the ones who need to be transformed. If we continue only rejecting things, there cannot be transformation.
When we see beauty, automatically we have created space for ugliness. As Baba has mentioned, we need to see “good,” virtues in everything.

Here is the slogan today: “Lightness and subtlety of the intellect is the most beautiful personality.”
The explanation is to imbibe lightness and subtlety. The rest is an opinion to create an impact in the reader. We cannot see through someone else’s eyes, but we can purify our vision so everything has value, even those things which appear to be ugly.

The issue with the Cinema should be included along with TV. However, not all cinemas are “bad,” just as not all TV programs are filthy. When we use the power to discern, we could go beyond a simple “rejection” of everything and live a life without repressions.

“The path of devotion has been nothing but a waste of time.”

Note the Murli from January 2nd. Baba mentioned that knowledge is the fruit of devotion.
“Only those who became deities a cycle ago will become this. They will come and claim their full inheritance from the Father. If you did less devotion, you will not take the knowledge fully and you will claim a status, numberwise, among the subjects.” (SM 1-2-13)

“I come every cycle and I am very pleased to see My children, because I know that they become My helpers every cycle. This love from the Father remains for every cycle.”

That love is a sanskara. More love means more devotion. More devotion means more knowledge. There is a time for devotion and there is a time for knowledge.

“No one will remember Him in the golden age, because, by that time, your boat will have gone across for 21 births.”

However, because there is soul consciousness and there is Oneness, there is no need to remember Him as something separate from “them.” They are combined in the experience of soul consciousness, that is One. To remember the Father at this time, is to become One with Him again.

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