Question: Dear brother, Welcome back from vacation, hope you had a wonderful time… om shanti.. As my awareness of emptiness in thoughts/soul conscious increases, I feel different physically too, my question is lately I have had some articles about a doctor curing cancer with this meditation/yoga/soul conscious , is it possible we can cure physical dis(ease) with the power of this awareness?

Thank you for your question and for your warm welcoming!

Dear soul,
It depends on the “type of soul” and the karmic accounts that soul has. Through soul consciousness you may feel a “crucifix to be a thorn.” Cancer is one of those diseases which are usually emotional in origin. A prolonged experience of soul consciousness definitely will take care of the emotional issues and then healing could start. For a Brahmin soul this may not be that easy for the amount of karmic accounts over our “shoulders,” but for a “newer” soul may work.

Mama had cancer. How is it possible for the #2 soul to “die of cancer”? Wasn’t her soul consciousness enough to overcome it?
As I said before, a Brahmin soul has many karmic accounts which are pulling us until settled. Although the body maybe dying, and there may be pain which I am sure Mama was feeling, soul consciousness will diminish that experience of pain. That could be a real challenge if we are not acquainted with that experience of soul consciousness despite physical illness. Mama had a good stage despite her illness until the end, that was the fruit of her experience of soul consciousness. This challenging experience was an obstacle that she had to overcome, so she could be “kar

A “newer” soul may develop cancer, then through that experience of suffering, their karmic account may be settled and then something like meditation or something which could induce emotions to heal, will make their health better. We may think that meditation made the trick, but before that “trick” there was a small karmic account which needed to be settled.
Underneath every disease, there is a small or large karmic account which will translate into healing or additional suffering until the account is settled.

Best wishes!

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