The great knowledge of the Seed and the Tree.


If we can understand the graphic above, we will be able to grasp the whole knowledge.
It is the movement from the inside of a seed which little by little breaks down and propels “souls” through a circular pattern. The first inner circle is known as the “Golden age,” then those souls will be taking rebirth until getting into the second circle (silver age) then the third circle (copper age) and finally the 4th circle (Iron age.) Note that the souls ahead will be propelled by the souls behind as the souls ahead will lose “momentum.” There is continuous movement in every circular chamber with every seed particle (soul) coming with greater force (power) into expansion. Once the 4th circle is completed, those souls will take the “shuttle,” the tube or line back to the seed. That is it.

This is the knowledge about us souls. The seed expands into a tree just to become a seed again once it reaches maximum expansion. This movement is eternal and identical in every iteration.

“Enjoy it, it is just a ride.”

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