Question: Dear brother Have not been successful to feel or experience ” the self”. Baba says its separate from the body and yet mind,intellect and sanskaras are faculties of soul, which means belong together. How do u separate them and still experience the soul. I have tried creating powerful thoughts but unable to generate and experience feelings of the self.. I saw an article where u have mentioned cut thoughts through awareness. What and how did you do that? Without experiencing the true self it’s hard to stay in that consciousness. Your thoughts please Thanks

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Congratulations for your efforts, but paradoxically there is no need for “efforts” but just to be relaxed.
Here is a simple answer. Sit there. Watch your thoughts. Go beyond them. Be empty. Feel. Smile.. 🙂 That is it!

“Pole, the arrow, the bow are all one. Not many things, not different things.”
In that emptiness, all that can be is you. Paradoxically. 🙂

Below one of my favorite all time videos. If you “understand this video without understanding” (paradox,) you are ahead of the game!
Best wishes!

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