Comments on Sakar Murli- January 11, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, you are the swans who pick up pearls. Yours is the group of swans (hans mandli). You are lucky stars
because the Father, the Sun of Knowledge Himself is personally teaching you.

Question: What enlightenment has the Father given all of you children through which your efforts have become intense?
Answer: The Father has given you this enlightenment: Children, it is now the end of this drama. You have to go to the new world. Don’t think that you will receive whatever you are to receive. First there has to be effort. To become pure and purify others is very great service. As soon as you children received this enlightenment your efforts became intense.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love. We thirst for one drop.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become true helpers of God, that is, become the Godly Salvation Army and liberate everyone from Maya. Become like a diamond from a shell in this life and also make others the same.

2. Just as Baba churns the ocean of knowledge, so churn the knowledge in the same way. Become benevolent and remain occupied in spiritual service. Serve with honesty in your heart.

Blessing: May you be ignorant of the knowledge of desire and remain constantly content in this life of having died alive.

You children have died alive in order to remain constantly content. Where there is contentment, there are all virtues and all powers because you have made the Creator belong to you. Having found the Father, you found everything. Even if you put all your desires together, you have received multimillion-fold more than that. Compared to that, desires are like a lamp in front of the sun. Put aside the question of having desires. There cannot even be the question that there is such a thing as desires. You are full of all attainments and this is why you are ignorant of the knowledge of desires and are constant jewels of contentment.

Slogan: Those whose sanskars are easy are able to mould themselves to any type of situation.

In this Murli Baba will explain that every role is unique. There are no 2 roles that could be the same at any point in time. However, that uniqueness is eternally repetitive. Souls are able to recognize each other when those elements that belong to body consciousness are left out. There is a feeling of knowing someone, that is there have been a relationship. The Brahmin clan is the oldest relationship of all other relationships of newer souls.

Some points to churn:

“Only those of the previous cycle recognise one another at this time in this birth. The spiritual parlokik Mother and Father and the brothers and sisters recognise one another. You remember that you met one another 5000 years ago in those same names and forms.”

This is a point to experience. Among BK souls that recognition will be there. How do we know that? Look around at the center that you attend. See with who you feel close, attracted, distant, repulsed, bothered with, and if in your experience those reactions were “normal” before becoming a BK. That will show you that there is something going on. We may not remember that we had a “happy life” in the Golden age, but we will have to settle those karmic accounts on the other side of the cycle; then magically; things will become good and this Golden aged “love” will arise. This is not an emotional feeling but a steady flow of good feelings and a sense of belonging.

“This is a very beneficial age. Neither the golden age nor the iron age can be called beneficial. This present life of yours is remembered as a very valuable life. It is in this birth that you have to become like a diamond from a shell.”

This is the only time to go “up.” No one else has the capacity nor Godly help to do it. That is why, it is the beneficial age.

“You know that He liberates you in particular and the world in general from the chains of Maya. This too is fixed in the drama.”

This is another Murli in which the words “particular” and “general” are used to refer to BKs and the rest of the world. This is a problem of explaining God as someone who “does things” in a preferential manner. The Drama has it that those who have greater capacity to withstand duality will be the residents of the “new world.” However, “now” they may have to go through “hell” to make that change. No other soul has that capacity “now.”

“There is now a big burden of sinful souls on this earth. There are as many human beings as mustard seeds. The Father comes and removes the burden. There, there will only be a few thousand and so that is not even a quarter per cent.”

Those lines could be taken wrongly as if God “removes” people to get rid of the burden of sin in the world. Again, this is another problem on explaining the “natural” transformation of the world. Destruction is merely the application of the second law (entropy) at this point, there is never annihilation, so the world gets populated little by little from low entropy again. The souls who come first are the “ancestors,” the ones with greater capacity to stay in the physical world and experience that “entropy” in a slow manner.

“The Father says: I too am tied in the drama.”

Now, the Drama is not something different than the Father nor us, souls. We are all the Drama. This requires a greater understanding.

“You become pure by having yoga with that One who is ever pure. The more yoga you continue to have, the more pure you will continue to become. Then your final thoughts will lead you to your destination.”

This is the essence of Raja yoga.

“On the path of devotion it is souls that remember God because they are unhappy. You have to remember Him to the extent that you have received happiness. This is your study. Your aim and objective is also clear. There is no question of blind faith in this.”

It is the experience of that happiness what should propel us for more. That experience is the answer for “blind faith.”

“Who is our enemy for half the cycle? Ravan. We do not claim the kingdom by fighting. Neither do we fight a violent war nor do we take an army in order to conquer someone. This is a play of victory and defeat, but defeat is subtle and victory is also subtle. Those who are defeated by Maya are defeated by everything. Those who conquer Maya conquer everything.”

Our enemy Ravan, becomes our “teacher,” when we understand her (“Maya” is a sister  ) through our own experience. Conquering Maya is nothing else but being a master of the self.

“This play is predestined in the drama.”

Now, with greater knowledge, rather than using the word “predestined,” we can use the word “repetitive.” The movie repeats. No one loses anything. No one gains anything. Zero balance.

“In fact, the principal meaning of being vegetarian is to have non-violence as your supreme religion. Deities are said to be firm Vaishnavs. There are many who call themselves Vaishnavs in this way. However, in the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, the Vaishnav community was also pure.”

Therefore, those carrots, fruits, etc. do not have a soul. We can take a fruit from a tree, pull a carrot from the earth; but there is no violence in that for there is no soul to get “hurt.”

“You have now become Brahmins from shudras and this is why you are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. It is also good to explain the variety-form image.
They have shown the variety-form image of Vishnu. Vishnu and his kingdom (his children) are shown in the cycle of the variety-form. All of these are Baba’s churnings. If you too churn the ocean of knowledge you will not be able to sleep at night. You will continue to think about all of these things.”

Note how Baba was busy churning gyan. Using different things that he already knew in his life to relate to gyan to better explain it. We can do the same. As a matter of fact, Gyan with the examples that we repeat such as: “recorded part, actors, play, movie, talkie, 3 floors, day and night etc.” those are examples made by Brahma Baba to explain gyan.

“First of all, do alokik service and then do physical service afterwards.”

First spirituality then anything else, for everything else has the foundation of spirituality.

“Honesty in the heart is required for service. You need to have full yoga with the Father for only then can you imbibe this. Fill the steamer with all the stock and then go to the port to deliver everything.”

Service is based on imbibing knowledge by having yoga. That is how our actions become our dharna.

“Krishna cannot create this sacrificial fire. During his 84 births, his name and form continue to change. Krishna cannot exist in any other name or form. Only when he exists in that form again will the part of Krishna repeat.”

Every role is unique but eternally repetitive. Paradox.

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