Question: Dear Brother, I have read many helpful postings on your website. You mention in many postings to ‘Feel the Soul in meditation’ or ‘Feel the void/emptiness within’ .. can you please share more on this topic. How do I get to the stage of ‘feeling the soul’, knowing and understanding is easy but I am not clear on feeling the soul. Thank you and Om Shanti.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
It is great news that souls are asking about this. It is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS KNOWLEDGE. Without that, we are just talking theory, without this experience we cannot pretend to be “masters of the self.”

Many BKs are in the” child stage.” Baba sends us an experience , we like that energy, we become elated with it, we “love Baba” through that wonderful experience, etc. The issue is that we have not become soul conscious through that experience. Please see this.

That experience is meant to give us an incentive to continue but Baba cannot give us “soul consciousness,” we need to “make effort “ for that. Without soul consciousness, we will not be able to “ pass with honors.”

When we say “Baba from the heart” we are bringing those feelings to the surface. That is the expression of the soul into a blissful feeling which is healing, which emerges the virtues of the soul. That is yoga.

When we feel the soul, we can do it through this method of love to God, but we forget that soul consciousness is the goal. As Baba has said, Love is good, but we need power, that comes from that experience of soul consciousness.

I have written many articles about this. The “a-temporal” stage is one of them. Any writing here is just a description of something that cannot be described. 🙂

I cannot explain how to breath, although we do it every day, or how to fall sleep. AWARENESS has to come at certain point as a karmic return of our spiritual endeavor. That is why we meditate, so that experience will come in due time by itself.

In my case, I feel that a door of understanding has just opened. My interest is to be a “master of the self,” and I am exploring soul consciousness, not out of “research” and more theory, but through my own experience of it, when I sit and meditate.

I have discovered recently, that going beyond my thoughts is my way to feel the soul. Those thoughts are like clouds, which really are “not real,” if you just go beyond your thoughts and there is no longer thinking, and your feelings are peaceful, and you put your attention in your heart and in sending feelings at every breath, you will feel this bliss; that is the expression of the soul.

Anything that happens from the outside will change our feelings unless we understand that those things are not important, a “game.” Then we can continue maintaining the same feelings and with our attention inwards, we will feel the energy of the soul. This is the “effort” to maintain that awareness.

Keep experimenting with that, you will see that your behavior changes automatically. That is, the “virtues” emerge once we tune in with them. That is why I have mentioned that I cannot practice “tolerance” or any power, it is already within. EVERYTHING THAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR IS IN THE EXPERIENCE OF THE SELF.

That has been my finding at this time.
God consciousnesses is to become soul conscious,

Best wishes!


  1. NewBK

    Dear Brother, Thank you so much for your response.
    This is like a preschool question, but I am still in the preschool of self discovery and would appreciate any help. I have another question. When you say ‘put your attention in your heart’ or ‘remember Baba from your heart’ what are we talking about. What/where is my heart? When we feel, its not in the head, if I were to put my finger on it physically it would coincide with the location of the physical organ ‘heart’. Is that what you meant also. Thank you.


  2. rmalik108

    I had similar experience ‘removing most of the thoughts and tuning into a feeling which is kind of mild awareness that Somewhere supreme soul is also tuned in same feeling and a subtel awareness that he is around’ also there is a mode of spontaneous feeling of love flowing out to all …..


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