Question: om shanti, i am bk for more than 10 years., i want make progress in my effort but i feel my effort so slow. the questions is; how to conqueror sleep and laziness ? thank you. om shanti

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Many times I hear this word “making effort.” If I was a competitive runner, I know that it means, running longer, running faster with lesser recovery periods. When I hear that from a BK soul, the only thing that I can relate to, is to follow the Maryadas. That is effort until it becomes part of your life style.

The Maryadas will give you the environment for your sensibility to spirituality to grow. That will make your AWARENESS to grow. That awareness will create a new consciousness in you. “Effort” resides in maintaining that awareness, that “new” consciousness. That can develop into soul consciousness.

We conquer sleep by sleeping enough and no more than that. Numberwise. I use a clock alarm for that. 🙂 Laziness goes away as part of that awareness. When we realize through knowledge that this is the “age of benefit,” then we take advantage of that. If you have been a BK for more than 10 years, you may need to check what type of newness you are bringing into your Brahmin life. Any routine will develop apathy and lack of enthusiasm, that is laziness. Practice meditation to feel the soul. Feeling takes you away from a routine.

Best wishes!

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