Question: Om shanti: So many thanks for such clarity of understanding of Gyan – I really enjoy your explanations. My question today: Has there been a major shift/change since 21 December which influences our lives?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
I appreciate your kind words. The clarity is in those who can understand these sharings, for you have an openness in your mind and spirit that will allow you to see things in an “unlimited way.” Spirituality is an open path and that is one of the major shifts in this new “era” of greater understanding.

On your question, when you hear this authentic descendant of the Mayan culture (Not related with Baba’s Maya) you will understand the meaning of his words and the meaning of the “major shift” and how that is related with us, BK souls in “particular” and therefore, the world “in general.” 🙂 ( As Baba would say.)

Who are the ancestor souls? 🙂
That is the major influence coming. It is “our” time.

Best wishes!

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