Comments on Avyakt Murli- January 13, 2013

This avyakt Murli has interesting points to ponder.
For me, it was about being aware of the channels of spiritual understanding. For me it was about the understanding of the chakra system and the way we understand and express according to our spiritual experience. How is that?

Most spiritual knowledge begins at the third chakra, which means “will power.” When we express the self through our activities and understanding through this chakra, we will use words such as: “we must,” “we should,” “ it has to,” etc. This is a “lawful” understanding. We think we have a clear difference between what is right and what is wrong. We become “black or white.”
In this understanding, it is easy to deny everything else which “interferes” with our task or perceived duty.

This is the beginning of spirituality in the BK system. It is good, but at one point; we will be shown a different view.
BapDada’s Avyakt Murli, felt that way to me. However, unless there is experience, we will be stuck in the “third chakra” and we will not move on into a higher one, the “heart.” The “heart” has its own understanding.
BapDada’s avyakt Murli, went into 3 considerations to make “real improvement” in BK life.

1) Belong to the Father and no one else. Not even think about anyone or anything.
2) Become a master; that is become aware that the physical realm creates a dependency unless we keep the awareness of the master, we will become “slaves” of it. The body is part of that “creation” for we are souls.
3) Remaining a trustee. That is the sense that “nothing belong to us, but we belong to the Father.”

If we merely go by the words, we will end up “doing” the following: 1) Thinking that we are keeping a connection with God if we separate ourselves from anyone that could be “Maya” to us. Making sure that we do not “belong” to someone. 2) Thinking that being soul conscious means to deny the body and to “go beyond it.” 3) Giving away everything the role has as possessions, even not doing household shores because that is time being “wasted.”

This is the typical “understanding” of most BKs who have not experienced the soul in a deeper level.
The advice that Baba is giving us is great to keep us out of trouble, but we need to remember that knowledge is not “a literal” interpretation for BapDada will come the next day, and explain other points that will talk about the opposite and that could contradict the former. That is why we learn through experience to “balance” both “opposite sides.”

For me everything is in the experience of the soul. When I experience the soul, I am close to God. There is no separation, because I am experiencing that, thoughts are gone (then I don’t think in people) because this experience is fulfilling, we do not depend on others to feel “alive.” However, we can experience relationships and maintain that “self-respect” which is not related with neediness and the sense of “possession” of others. The issue is not “not to have loving relationships with others.” The issue is that we do not know what is love, because we have not experienced it, because we have not explored the self.

The awareness of the soul, will give us that “disinterest,” according to Baba’s vocabulary; which is not “real disinterest” but it is that something is no longer attractive. This happens naturally.

When we are expressing and understanding at the “third chakra level,” we will “act” with disinterest, which eventually will be observed as “fanaticism,” because our actions will not be through understanding (thoughts, words and actions aligned) but our words will say “do disinterest,” our thoughts will say “this is hard to do,” and our actions will express “ I do not understand.” That is why it becomes important to express through the “heart” chakra as a true beginning for spiritual endeavors.

Similarly, we can do all the household tasks, as long as we are in the consciousness of a “karma yogi.”
Everything resides in our consciousness, but we are concerned only in our external activities. However, our thoughts are in conflict when there is no experience of the soul.

A sense of “belonging” is good. It is fundamental, but we are souls. That is our main sense of belonging. We belong to Baba, because He is a soul, incorporeal. In that experience there is no separation. The actions are part of our “roles,” and we act for the “sake of it.”

All the knowledge is about soul consciousness. In that experience, there is a different understanding.
BapDada will express the same “soul consciousness” in different ways in every Murli.

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