Question: Dear Brother, I have read many helpful postings on your website. You mention in many postings to ‘Feel the Soul in meditation’ or ‘Feel the void/emptiness within’ .. can you please share more on this topic. How do I get to the stage of ‘feeling the soul’, knowing and understanding is easy but I am not clear on feeling the soul. Thank you and Om Shanti.

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,
Take the time to look at the sunset at the beach or after amrit vela, go to a park and feel the atmosphere (As long as it is safe, of course) those activities will fill you with a vibration, a mood, which comes from your own perception. You make it. The environment creates the setting. That is what I call to “feel.”

Read poetry or write poetry. There are feelings there. The greater the impact on your audience will be because you have made them feel.
Put your thoughts, analysis and observations in your pocket. Do not use them at all. Become aware of the source of your feelings. Connect with that.

Thinking beyond the necessary is a great disease. That disease is not allowing us to understand, something which is not in the realm of “thinking” to understand, but something which is there, ready to be perceived as long as our awareness is awaken.
You feel “empty” of worries, thoughts, analysis, reasons, logic; completely void, when you are full. Then you can express your true nature without being “artificial” about it, without “trying to be sweet,” or “become tolerant.” It comes naturally.

For most of us, “feeling suffering,” is the easiest way to get us into that consciousness of “feeling” as my friend Mathias commented here. That is we can “feel” if we are able to survive the episode of suffering without creating negativity.

Best wishes!

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