Question: Dear Brother, Thank you so much for your response. This is like a preschool question, but I am still in the preschool of self discovery and would appreciate any help. I have another question. When you say ‘put your attention in your heart’ or ‘remember Baba from your heart’ what are we talking about. What/where is my heart? When we feel, its not in the head, if I were to put my finger on it physically it would coincide with the location of the physical organ ‘heart’. Is that what you meant also. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

To say to feel with “your heart,” is to say to feel with your whole being. We are in tune with this experience usually in the “negative” side. When your girlfriend leaves you for another one; when your favorite pet passed away, etc. Have you experienced that?

What is the “location” for that suffering? 🙂

The location does not matter, what matters is that your are feeling completely, whole-heartened that pain, and there is no escape for it.
Now, emerge that feeling when you say “Baba with your heart,” out of love or when the experience of the soul appears in your life.
That experience is you, the soul expressing. That experience is what makes you alive from living a “life-less” life in the head, that is to “feel with the heart.” To be alive.

Best wishes!

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