“Remember Baba alone and forget everything else” = soul consciousness

In lieu of today’s Murli, (January 13, 2013) I wanted to clarify my comments on the avyakt Murli of today.

The avyakt Murli of today which originally was spoken on 10/20/75, mentioned the following:

“However, the first precaution or the first code of conduct is to belong to the one Father and none other. You have to remain powerful in this awareness. You do not observe this main precaution constantly, but you deceive yourself instead and think: I belong to Shiv Baba anyway. Who else is mine? However, you should be such an embodiment of remembrance in a practical way that, apart from the one Father, no other person or object, relationship or connection, or any facility enters your awareness even in your thoughts. This is the strongest, that is, the main precaution. Because of being careless in observing this precaution, because of following the dictates of your own mind, because of the influence of the atmosphere or because of the influence of the company, you are unable to remain an embodiment of remembrance at all times. “

To make things interesting, I would like to draw your attention on this previous article. Please take the time to go through the links for you will find literal excerpts from different avyakt Murlis.

Here it goes: http://wp.me/p2fovd-15O

Now that you read all the links, we could have a better understanding of the meaning of “remembering Baba alone and no one else.”

I bring this to our attention because soul consciousness is the goal of this study.

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