“A jewel of contentment always gives blessings regardless of the circumstances.” – By: Rajyogi BK Dr. Kamta

Note: We will have very useful articles from BK Dr. Kamta. If you would like to contact him this is his email:rajrishi108(AT)yahoo.com

*Those who are to become jewel of contentment always give blessings regardless of the circumstances. They have the power to tolerate, to merge and are merciful and forgiving. As a result of their being content and making others content they also always receive blessings from others and Baba.

*If someone gives us sorrow, even then, we have to give blessings. There has to be the power to tolerate and the power to merge.

*We often make a lot of effort to give correction to others, but we do not know how to forgive. To forgive is the same as giving a correction. When we give a correction, we forget to forgive. But if we forgive, then the correction will automatically be there.

*When people go in front our non-living images.
They say, “Give blessings and have mercy.”
If they receive blessings from our non-living images, how many blessings would they receive from us the living souls?

*No matter what others do to us, we just have to continue to give them blessings. It is Baba’s shrimat. If we take any step according to shrimat, we receive Baba’s blessings.

*When someone becomes angry at us, there are blessings in that too. No matter how angry people become,
-they are just reminding us that they are under some kind of influence.
– They also remind us that we are “a master almighty authority.” We are those who pour cool water in that situation and so that one who was angry give us blessings.

*In a situation of anger it is worthwhile to remember the specialties of a rose. It takes fragrance from the bad odor of the manure. So if a rose can take fragrance from a bad odor, can we not take blessings from someone who is angry?

*We cannot think
-“I will be all right if the other is all right”.
-“If this system changes, then I will be all right”.

*We cannot go to an ocean and say: “Hey waves! do not come as such big waves, come as little waves. Do not come in a curve, but come straight.”

*It is said that the world is an ocean. What does an ocean mean?
This world is an ocean and all the waves would neither be big nor small, neither curved nor straight!

The circumstances or situation are not greater than what we are.

*If we say that
“If this situation is put right, my stage will be all right.”
“Put this right and then I will be all right.”
“Make this person who becomes angry cool, and I will also cool down.”
“Put aside this person who makes complications and this centre will be all right.”
To speak in this way is saying that everything is greater than we are.

*Our slogan is: “Do not seek revenge, but change yourself.”[badla na lo badal do!]

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