Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, Is it ok to have have Ginger? I feel that it is also come under the category of Onion and Garlic. Am I correct?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
Although I am running out of “research time” these days, below a link that i found where it clearly states that Onion and Garlic are from the same family. It does not mention the same about Ginger

I know of some BKs that will “excel” in suppressing things “just in case.” I heard about radishes being another “family” member of onions, etc. The Maryadas mention to be away from garlic and onions due to their aphrodisiac properties, and that is what I would recommend, in “general.”

If you feel that you would like to experiment by taking ginger out of your diet as well as radishes, please let me know what you find out.

Personally, I do not eat radishes (never liked them) and ginger is a once in a while item.

Best wishes!

Best wishes!

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