Comments on Sakar Murli- January 15,2013

Essence: Sweet children, you have received knowledge of the Father’s activity and of the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama from the Father. You know that this drama is now coming to an end and that we are to return home.

Question: Which rules do you have to obey in order to register yourself with the Father?
Answer: In order to register yourself with the Father: 1) Sacrifice yourself completely to the Father. 2) Use everything you have in the service of making Bharat into heaven. 3) Make a vow to become completely viceless and give the proof of that by living in this way practically. The names of such children are registered in the register of the Almighty Government. They have the intoxication that they are making Bharat into heaven, that is, into the land of kings. We are sacrificing ourselves to the Father for the service of Bharat.

Song:Salutations to Shiva…

Essence for dharna:

1. We are the children of God, the family of the one God. We are now receiving God’s directions. Stay in this spiritual intoxication. Don’t follow wrong directions.

2. In order to serve Bharat, sacrifice yourself completely like Brahma Baba. Make good use of your body, mind and wealth to change Bharat into heaven. Become a complete philanthropist.

Blessing: May you constantly be an embodiment of success in your efforts and in service with the balance of being a child and a master.

Always have the intoxication that you are a child and a master of the unlimited Father’s unlimited inheritance. However, when you have to give any advice or think of a plan or carry out any task, then do that as a master but when a situation is being finalized by the majority or by the instrument souls, then become a child at that time. Learn the method of when you have to be an adviser and when you have to become one who takes advice and you will remain successful in your efforts and in service.

Slogan: In order to become a humble instrument, surrender your mind and intellect to God.


In this Murli Baba is in tune with “praising God.” God is the creator, God gives us paradise, God is teaching us, God is making us pure, etc. Therefore, we need to praise Him and appreciate all those things that He is giving us in “particular.” This is the sense of uniqueness which is a source of spiritual ego at the same time. “I am different than anyone else. It is my fortune.” When we go into the depths of Gyan, we can see a different picture, where even though we BKs are fortunate, so is the rest of the world. How come? That is the beauty of understanding the concept of “numberwise,” through is depth. Everything is according to capacity. Hell for us is not for someone else. Even though things deteriorate in time.

The other aspect that Baba brings is the understanding of a “Godly family,” in “particular” and in “general.” The paradoxical thing is that through Prajapita Brahma, there is only one family; not two. Therefore, take your pick but remember that there is more.. 🙂

Some Murli points to churn:

The Drama as a play:
“This is also called a wonderful play. A play is called a game.”
“This is definitely a play. As well as the drama, it is also called a play.”
“This is a play, that is, it is the knowledge of the beginning, the middle and the end of creation.”
“However, because the play is about to end, they are now being touched by something.”

It is a game. It is the game of going up and coming down, the game of “zipping” and “unzipping” (TM- avyakt7 🙂 ) the game of remembering and forgetting, the game of Many and One…. etc. Many names for just one game. Many games for just one name: Drama.
That “something” that we are getting touched by, is what Baba shared on the sakar murli of January 12, 2013: “The Drama will make you children make effort.

“If God were omnipresent, everyone’s act would be the same. It is because of saying that God is omnipresent that they have been starving.”

Interesting point. If God was everywhere, that is “pantheism;” then there wouldn’t be a difference in activity as different souls. Those activities will have to be “good” by default; and “being good” means “not acting.” When taken that in devotional mode, it means sitting around doing nothing; thus starving. When taken with gyan; it means “doing” without ego. Thus, “not really doing.”

“Everyone now calls out: O God, free us from sorrow! There must definitely be a great deal of sorrow at the end of the iron age. Day by day, sorrow continues to increase.”
“You can tell anyone that the unlimited Father creates heaven, and so His children have to receive the kingdom of heaven.”
“Everyone knows that all are the children of Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Therefore, God must have created the new world. He must definitely have created it through the mouth of Brahma. The mouth born-progeny must definitely have been the jewels of the Brahmin clan and that period must have been the confluence age. The confluence age is the benevolent age when God would have sat and taught you Raja Yoga.”

Godly creation:
The points above go into the “praise of God” and the need for him to come to this world. Unfortunately, He cannot come any sooner but in “His own time” for that is when our “batteries” are running low. Note that all monotheistic religions claim the same thing. Except for the knowledge of the confluence age.
When we look at gyan without the devotional, religious background, we find that reaching higher entropy means that lower entropy is on its way. Through Godly knowledge we become “awaken” again so karmically, we should be the actors with lesser entropy in the unlimited “game.”

“The more effort you make to make others similar to yourself, the higher the status you will claim.”
“If your efforts are good, you will belong to the sun dynasty, otherwise to the moon dynasty. Don’t become happy simply on seeing a prince. All of this depends on your efforts.”

Those are points on effort. Note that the emphasis was in “converting others.” We can understand now, that “converting” is not the “game” to play anymore according to time, but to “be” that which we talk about.

“Here, all are children; they are not followers. This is a family. We are the family of God. Originally, we souls are the children of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, and so we are a family. First, they are incorporeal, and then they become corporeal. At this time, this is the most wonderful family.”

It is the unlimited family. The whole world is a family.

“Have you ever met such a Father who makes effort for the children of the whole world and who would even make them cleverer than Himself? He says: I give you children the kingdom of the world. I do not experience that. However, I do keep the key to divine vision in My hand. It also becomes useful for Me on the path of devotion.”

Nice devotional lines meant to “humanize God.”

“This is God’sfamily. However, in relation to this, all are the children of God but they are in the iron age, whereas you are at the confluence age. Whomever you go to, tell them: We are the clan of Shiva, the mouth-born creation of Brahma, and only Brahmins are ones who can claim the inheritance of heaven. You have to make effort to explain this very clearly to everyone. When you explain to 100 to 150, only one will emerge from them. It is only a few out of multimillions who have the fortune to emerge.”

Perhaps the time to say: “…and only Brahmins are ones who can claim the inheritance of heaven.” Should be changed for the sake of accuracy as: “Only Brahmins claim the inheritance of the Golden and Silver ages.” Heaven is not a place as mentioned many times. It is a state of consciousness.

“The Father says: I am absolutely ordinary, and so scarcely any wealthy ones come. They definitely will come, but only at the end.”

A generalization. Wealthy ones have arrived and have taken knowledge according to their capacity. Not everyone is supposed to be “pukka.” As a matter of fact, there is “numberwise” as well in “pukka-hood.” Once we stop making standards for everyone, we will realize that the only standards that really matter are the ones that we make for ourselves and we need to respond to those.

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