Question: What are the 16 mariyadas? I am new to knowledge and I know most of the maryadas but I want to make sure that I really know all of them fully so I can apply them in my life.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

Attached is a picture of the Maryadas as they look in my bedroom. πŸ™‚

Hope it is helpful to you. If you have any more questions about them, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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  1. raj

    The Maryadas

    Code of conduct
    Pilgrimage of Remembrance & Amrit Vela
    The foundations for Brahmin life is loveful remembrance of Baba in the early hours of Amrit Vela. Rise before 4 am. Sit together in meditation from 4am to 4.45am each day.
    Observing Purity
    Baba says; ” sweet children, the Power of celibacy purifies your intellect and helps you become accurately connected in Yoga with Me “. Apart from celibacy there should be Purity in our Thoughts, Speech, Vision towards others, the state of mind and in all relations and contacts in order to be a true Yogi.
    Good Company
    Company will color the Soul. To enable easy transformation keep like company of your true Father and Friend as as much as possible, the company of knowledgeful and Yogi Souls.
    Doing Godly Services
    Co-operation with Baba in the Service of the world is the most Elevated of actions and helps to develop many talents in the soul as well as strengthen the relationship with Baba.
    Giving Happiness
    As Baba is the Remover of Sorrow and Giver of Happiness, so the children should also uplift others and never cause Sorrow through Thoughts, Words and Actions.
    Creating a Peaceful Atmosphere
    The Center of an oasis of Peace of the Soul. Any Soul causing a disturbance due to the vices can be forbidden from attending classes.
    Staying at the Center
    No one is allowed to stay at the center without the permission of the zone-in-charge of Madhuban.
    Visiting a Center
    It is the Brahmin system to get permission from the Teacher in charge if you are visiting another center so that aletter of introduction can be taken.
    Daily Morning Class
    Baba Says: ” sweet Children, you should never miss Murli class “. By studying the Murli the Soul gets food for the intellect and Shrimat for Personal Efforts. Baba’s Murli contains the solution to all problems and the answers to all questions.
    Pure Diet
    To help in purifying the Mind, all food should be vegetarian and dairy products only. Prepare and eat your food in a soul conscious and Yoga stage. Never take stale or heavily spiced food or impure substances like meat, meat products, garlic, onion, tobacco, alcohol & drugs not medically prescribed.
    Inculcation of Divinity
    The true religion and the decoration of Brahmin life is the inculcation of the Divine virtues and Spiritual Power in Life.
    Keeping a Chart
    Keeping a chart of our own progress creates Power and Enthusiasm in efforts and frees us from making mistakes.
    Observing the Principles
    If you find any difficulties in following the principles rather than feeling guilty or burdened, write a letter to Baba and the instrumental Senior Sister and you will feel light and guidance to progress.
    Spiritual Convention
    The aim of Baba’s children is to make spiritual progress. Worldly businesses should not be discussed in the Center, nor should money be borrowed or lent in the Divine Family.
    Printing Literature
    Permission of the zone-in-charge is required for any printing of literature, apart from handouts. For any other service always take the guidance of the instrumental teacher at the center to make it more successful.
    Going to Madhuban
    To take maximum benefit from the Madhuban visit students must have observed all principles for at least 12 months and have permission of the zone-in-charge.


  2. Rajyogini BK Kanchan

    Om Shanti !!!! May i request you for the good soft copy of this Maryada chart, so that the letters are seen clearly. Thank you!


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