Comments on Sakar Murli – January 16, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to grant you such unlimited happiness that you will never need to ask for anything again. Simply conquer the five vices and you will become the masters of the world.

Question: Why are some children unable to imbibe knowledge even though the path is easy?
Answer: Because they are disobedient. The Father has the faith that all His children will glorify the name of the Brahmin clan, that they will help the Father to make Bharat into heaven. However, because children repeatedly disobey the Father,
they’re unable to imbibe this knowledge and their status thereby decreases. Baba says: Children, the ladder is very steep. Therefore, continue to take shrimat at every step.

Song: I have the fortune of great happiness.

Essence for dharna:

1. Don’t ever put shrimat aside by following the dictates of your own mind. Do not allow stones instead of jewels to emerge from your mouth.

2. Be concerned about doing the Father’s service. Definitely make time to do Godly service. Show the path to the blind and become a worthy child.

Blessing: May you be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation who remains constantly free from the spinning of
sorrow and who frees everyone else.

Children who are influenced by their physical senses say that they are deceived by their eyes, their mouth or their vision: to be deceived means to experience sorrow. People of the world say: I didn’t want to, but I got caught up in that spin. However, children who are spinners of the discus of self-realisation can never be caught up in any form of deception. They remain free from all spinning of sorrow and they free everyone else and enable them to perform actions as the masters of their physical senses.

Slogan: Be seated on the immortal throne and maintain your elevated honour (shaan) and you will never be distressed (par-e-shaan).


As we understand better the concepts of “being-non being,” which are used by quantum mechanics, we can discover that a single view of looking at the Murli is not necessarily the “way” to do it. BapDada soeaks about the duality of the “master and the child,” that we have to be both at the right time. Similarly, today’s Murli we can find different aspects of portraying God as the source of our happiness. He is giving us things. He is with us. He creates the “new world” for us, etc. The loving feelings for such a Father will pour; the “child” will be happy.

Nevertheless, we have the vision of the “master.” That is the vision which comes out of understanding Gyan froma different viewpoint. That is to be able to see the beauty and perfection of the Drama. For this, we just need to go back to the Murli of January 12: ““The Drama will make you children make effort.” Please keep that very important point in your awareness. Remember that it is coming from the same Murli. It is just that we decided to become “children,” and forget about the “master.”

The Drama is in everything. God does His part, because it is in the Drama. Our roles are there, just because it is part of the Drama. Even though the devotional feelings will not be there for the Drama, a sense of awe, a sense of inner stability should come out of the understanding that “I do not have to figure things out,” but just to be able to to “listen to my own heart,” and go for what is destined.
Two different views, which complement each other. That is the wonder of “being and non-being.”
Some Murli points to churn:

“Once you attain the unlimited Father, you attain everything.”

It would be nice to know what is the meaning of “attainment.” What do you think? What do you feel?
For me is self discovery. To find the necklace that has always been in my neck, but I didn’t know, where I put it.

“Lakshmi and Narayan of the sun dynasty receive the highest status of all in the human world. There is no status higher than that.”

However, It is only known among Brahmin souls. We are already know who they are. It is fixed that way, so it is “good.”

“Who gave them such a high status in heaven? The Father. When? At the confluence. No one else can give this. You have to explain this drama very clearly.”

Now we can see that not only is correct to say “The Father gave it to them,” but to say “It was fixed in the Drama.”

“The Father says: It is My task to end all conflicts and establish one religion.”

It is the task of the Father to remind us of knowledge. The rest will happen according to the Drama.

“There is only the one incorporeal, Supreme Soul whose name is Shiva. He says: I, the Supreme Soul, make you children similar to Myself.”

We can see that we are already that which “He is making.” It is just that we can’t see it. We are not fully aware. We are sleeping.

“The main knowledge is of the world cycle. The rest is of the incorporeal world and the subtle region.”

The physical world has importance when our consciousness is in the physical. However, there is a constant relation between all these 3 worlds. Souls coming down, angelic visions, out of natural experiences, the history of the world as per European “science,” and the history given to us by ancient “primitive” cultures. Everyone has a piece of the pie in this Drama.

“This tree and cycle are like mirrors for the blind. As you progress further, when people see many others coming to you, they too will begin to come.”

The picture of the tree explains the cycle of time. However in a religious vision. The picture of the cycle explains “repetition,” and “eternity.” When both are combined and understood, we can see a Drama. Once we recognize the Drama, we could appreciate the beauty of the story.

“Here, as soon as people hear that they have to remain pure, they become confused. They think: It is impossible for a man and woman to live together and remain pure; it is cotton wool and fire.”

Celibacy is not for everyone. Only Golden aged souls could emerge that sanskara easily at this time without repression. It will be harder for others in a numberwise manner. It is fixed that way.

“A daughter who came to class was told by her brother: If you go there, you will be beaten. That daughter said: I have been ordered by the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, to make the residents of hell into the residents of heaven. I will not give up my work just because you say so. You can do whatever you want. There are very few daughters as courageous as her.”

Courage needs to be tinted with tact. “Me” changing others so they are like “myself.” Could not be very well understood. My only duty is to change myself.

“To live with your family and remain pure is even better. It is they who arc called maharathis.”

Paradoxically, it is encouraged for single BK souls not to live as “man and woman” in a household. Good reasons may be, but this journey is unique for every soul.

“To follow the dictates of your own mind means you are making effort to become degraded. Eventually you fall. The Father can know all of this from each one’s behavior.”

That is why, it is important to leave “my mind” in the basket of ego. The task of spirituality is not to make us dependent of something, but free from our own vices, including our own mind, that is to learn to “listen to our own heart” without losing the compass of our destination.

“The Father rewards you according to the service you do. The Father has faith that His children will glorify the name of the Brahmin clan. You must definitely become helpers in making Bharat into heaven.”

In other words, the law of Karma. Our “actions” are part of this Drama.

“The ladder is a bit steep. The path is easy, but due to being disobedient, you have not been able to imbibe knowledge. What will be the result? You receive a low status. Even a millionaire cannot be as greatly fortunate as you Brahmin children. There are multimillions in your every step.”

Disobedient = still with vices. That is why there is “suffering.” The “status” is already “fixed.” If we live with fear of making mistakes, we will have a life full of fear. If we live with honesty from listening our inner voice and acting with the “code of conduct” in our consciousness, we will know the limits.

“There are the maharathis – elephant riders, the horse riders and the infantry. Not everyone studies accurately. Some continue to study. They make additions and relate the significance. Not everyone can explain in this way.”

It is numberwise, according to role, that is the Drama.

“You must not have any doubts about anything.”

That “only” comes though experiencing this knowledge in our own life.

“Those who have yoga would understand that Baba is teaching them the pilgrimage of remembrance which will bring about peace in the world.”

It is about experience. Not theory.

“Only you Brahmins attain this knowledge. The deities have no need for it. You now have the knowledge of the whole world.”

Everything has a time to be useful and a time when it is no longer useful. 🙂
That time varies from every individual. Those stories make up a larger Drama.

“The Father says: You now have the concern of remembering the Father on your head, and yet you repeatedly forget Him! While making effort, continue to do your business and also continue to have remembrance in order to become healthy.”

That is because remembrance is done through the “heart.” Soul consciousness.

“The history and geography of the world is now being repeated. It is being repeated exactly as it was a cycle ago. Only the Father explains to you the secrets of repetition.”

True. No human being could have done a better job in explaining. Our understanding is numberwise. Repetition means eternity. It is a moment in time, which will not come back again, but at the same time, it will.
Heraclitus mentioned: “You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”

That is true, but false at the same time.


  1. jewel of contentment

    wow dear brother soul wat an amazing clarity u have. the intricacies of gyan, baba n drama u bring out so well n so simply just the way it ought to be! i always felt i was ‘unlimited’ even wile being in the ‘box’ of bkism folowed bonded in chains of gold even though i’d managed to get free from the iron ones, truly nw i feel dat souls with similar understanding n consciousness wil b together in the new world, like attracts like i guess.


  2. avyakt7

    Dear soul,
    Thank you for your words. It is just a role. Times are changing and so our consciousness.
    We need to let go of the past and see the benefit of what we have attained.
    The only way to move is “forward.”

    Best wishes! 🙂


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