Question: Dear brother, you have said that we should not lead this Brahmin life out of repression. But then you lay great importance on the ‘Codes of Conduct’ in Brahmin life and say that we shouldn’t compromise on that at any cost if we want to continue with the Brahmin life. So, in order to do that, first we have to follow them by compulsion initially unless it becomes natural, right ? And beside this we have to continue increasing the experiences of soul consciousness, right ? Please also explain the word “accuracy” in following the maryadas. Thanks.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

Please do not take me literally. Experience things for yourself. I am just sharing my own experience with the issues that language brings in a generalized “black or white” world of understanding.. Yes, it is true that I mentioned about the need to follow the code of conduct to be “in the game.” As I mentioned before, that will keep our consciousness /awareness out of the “normal” consciousness of the Iron age. As you know, we are all numberwise, so what is accurate for you may not be for me. See? My circumstances, my experience with the maryadas, my belief in them, my health, etc, etc. all of that make your situation different than mine. Adjust accordingly, that is “accuracy” according to time and circumstances and capacity and not according to something written on a piece of paper.

For a Brahmin soul, the Maryadas should not be a “compulsory” thing. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t for me except for “amrit vela” (took some training) the other codes I was able to understand without compulsion.
Therefore, from my experience, there is compulsion only where understanding is lacking. As I mentioned before, “understanding” is not an intellectual exercise, but it is aligning words, thoughts/feelings and deeds on the same direction. For example if you say: “Celibacy is great,” if your thoughts/feelings are something like: ” i don’t think so,” then you actions will be “mixed,” and the stronger sanskaras will eventually take “leadership.” At that point, you are following celibacy out of compulsion. See?

At the end, you will not need to follow the Maryadas anymore… when they are part of you, in a “natural” way.

Best wishes!

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