Question: Om Shanti like us the param/shantidham do animals, insects & microbes also have any home for theis souls… Does plants have the soul…

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

BapDada hasn’t revealed anything about animals. If we go deeper into it, we will find out that we will run into the quantum physics dilemma of “being and non-being,” in other words which is the last animal species who have a soul, before “Non-soul” appears? Does a virus have a soul? What about an amoeba? What about a protozoa? what about …? 🙂 Is a virus an “animal”? what about an amoeba, what about a protozoa? etc…
Let us say that I sneeze and in the process “I” kill hundreds of innocent microbes… Do I get a karmic return from that? 🙂 Being and non-being. It can go “ad -nauseum.”

Plants do not have a soul. That is why we can be “non-violents” and vegetarianism is advised for a spiritual life.

Best wishes!

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