Question: brother dear, was it always brahma baba speaking sakar murli or was it shivbaba in him or better still in and out of him. even now in avyakt times, i guess its in the drama for god to sustain in his own mysterious ways and therefore all the rituals of bhog, calling out of names of older senior bks and ‘the gathering’ of frontliner bks must be to fit the ‘purpose’. wen avyakt bapdada refers to a name is it that its brahma baba’s memory who knew them wen he was alive?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

The sanskaras of Brahma Baba has been used to convey the Murli.

The knowledge in those Sakar Murlis that we read in class, are coming from the last 4 or 5 years of Brahma Baba’s existence in the physical plane. Those Murlis are continuously edited to fit the standards of the time.

In Sakar Murlis we can observe that the understanding of gyan which Brahma Baba had which is conveyed in his “churning” has been changing in time. For instance the idea of liberation in life for just BKs, to an “everyone experiences liberation in life” (4-20-2012 – SM.) Also, we can see that gyan wasn’t given in a complete form as if it was a “ready made book,” but rather information was disclosed according to time. This is something which many who do not have a good grasp of the significance of the Drama do not understand. “The knowledge” is primarily meant to “train” BK souls rather than to be a source of information like Wikipedia.

In avyakt times, we can see the same Brahma Baba with a different stage and different understanding. Teachings are more subtle and if we pay attention, we can discover “new” information which is not disclosed in a typical Sakar Murli.

As shared many times, without Brahma Baba we, BKs wouldn’t have a grasp of what God is. There wouldn’t be any sort of communication, even though an experience could be there. It would be like trying to “tell God that my tooth hurts” when God has the understanding of a week old baby. (God is beyond experience.)

All the “BK rituals” are acknowledged as a part of the role that BapDada plays (Father, teacher, Satguru.) Brahma Baba’s knowledge of seniors, etc is part of Brahma Baba’s knowledge while in the physical body and even more…for some Senior Westerners have been called by name.

Brahma Baba is more than the “mouth” for Godly energy. Brahma Baba is also the sanskaras.

Finally, the “role” which BapDada plays is very different than the traditional role that we “think” that God should have. i.e: Telling specifics about the future, correcting and having answers as a “God” should know, displaying “magical powers” etc. That is some people’s expectation of God.

BapDada just comes nowadays to “meet the children” and that is it… 🙂 As you mentioned, there is a purpose behind that, which everyone of us need to discover.

Best wishes!

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