Question: Dear brother, Being a brahmin means “not easy as going to your auntie’s home” as it is said, many things to overcome – loneliness, attachment, sex-lust. Pretty much all the vices what makes it hard is the thought of what if? … what if I get really sick, who is going to look after me? Is the hardest I think especially if you are on your own.. should this be answered as drama will take care of it or we need to have things in preparation? What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for your great question!

Dear soul,

It is my opinion that this is an issue which the BK organization may need to “redefine” itself as times are changing.

It appears that one has to rely on a center to survive as a Brahmin soul; it appears as if the only avenue especially for BKs living by themselves, is to become a “surrendered” soul in the center near you, otherwise; anything else may be viewed as non “pukka,” so the stigma and consequences which that may bring.

As different life styles are the “norm” of the times, it is not feasible to live under “old” standards; a 1950s traditional mind set.

The issue is to understand that not everyone will fit a “cookie cutter” system. That will bring problems instead.

It is my experience, that the Drama/Baba will take care of you. All we need to do is to focus on our spiritual endeavors and to break away from any dependency to anyone and anything so there are no expectations from anyone and that means… anyone. That is to become self fulfilled as much as possible. This is not easy but then at that stage… you perhaps will be ready for a new change in your life. If you keep yourself open for the possibilities; for what life, the Drama/Baba is offering… you will see how the fruit of that spirituality will flourish as a simple return of your previous deeds.

By all means, prepare yourself if that gives you peace of mind. The aim is to have that peace of mind so we can continue this spiritual path. Although is good to know that there are no guarantees; and living life day to day is really living.

This is a test on your faith.

Best wishes!

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