Comments on Sakar Murli- January 31, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, Bharat cannot become heaven without purity. You have received the shrimat to become pure while living at home with your family. Fulfill your responsibilities to both sides.

Question: What system here is completely different from other spiritual gatherings and ashrams?
Answer: People go and live in those ashrams and believe that they have good company there and that there wouldn’t be the upheaval of the home and family. However, there isn’t any aim or objective there whereas, here, you have to die alive. You are not told to leave your home and family. While living at home, you drink the nectar of knowledge and do spiritual service. They don’t have this system at other spiritual gatherings.

Essence for dharna:
1. While living at home, do spiritual service. Become pure and make others pure.
2. While living in this living hell, you have to claim your inheritance of heaven from the unlimited Father. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

Blessing: May you be a master satguru and make your every word invaluable by doubly underlining your words.

Your words should be such that those who hear to them become chatraks for you to say something and for them to listen: this is known as speaking invaluable great versions. Elevated versions are not many words. When someone continues to speak whenever it suits him or her, those are not considered to be elevated versions. You are master satgurus, children of the Satguru; therefore, every word of yours is a great version. At any time, speak only those words which are necessary, yuktiyukt and beneficial to you and other souls. Doubly underline your words.

Slogan: Be a jewel who has pure and positive thoughts for others and continue to glorify the world with your rays


This Murli has good points to “churn.” We have the issue of living in a family or living there with Baba, or in Madhuban or a center (updated version.) Baba categorically advises to live at home with the family and to remain pure like a lotus flower. Then, we have the issue of those who live alone.

Accordingly, they could go and live with their family OR they could live as a family with others. The second option is the “tricky” one. Baba has mentioned different things about this option. The Brahma Kumaris organization presents the option of living in a center as “brother and sisters.” The issue is that reality is not always the way we would like to think that it should be. There is a difference when a wife takes care of a husband than when a spiritual sister takes care of a spiritual brother. The weaknesses are lingering, the “healthy space” is necessary, the sense of being “pull” may appear, etc. For Bharatwasis, to live together in the same gender is not an issue. Even the physical needs for showing affection are given within that same gender. On the other hand, that is an awkward practice from a Westerner perspective. Of course you have also, the issue of homosexuality and the different shades that this implies. It is a complex situation.

We could just say “be soul conscious,” but that is not a reality of many yet.

In the night class, Baba mentions that it is the job of a Mahavir to conquer sex lust. That is the main part of this spiritual path. Once that is conquered, a “new world,” could be open up. However, this is a personal insight to know if we have conquered sex lust or not. Brahmin life is giving us the means to protect ourselves, but to be a conqueror of sex lust requires more than “theory.” Not everyone could become that for we are numberwise, but at the same time; to label souls who have left gyan as “failures,” for they have indulged in sex lust is hurtful for the BK organization, for a supporter is gone …and at the same time hurtful for the individual who left, who didn’t have in his fortune to be a conqueror of lust; for at the same time he/she feels a sense of belonging but will no longer fit in the BK path. As the Drama has it, that soul will be on the “Silver age,” but we forget that.

This is the reason that it is continually expressed that “teachings are according to time,” for souls will come with varieties of sanskaras. Just as VIPs have been “accepted” in a place where was meant for only BK souls (Attend Baba’s live avyakt murli) similarly, things will need to change to understand and serve those who are part of the numberwise BK family.

The need of the time is to take a good look at a word which hasn’t been understood completely: NUMBERWISE.

Below some points to churn:

“The Father sits here and explains to you children because you children know that it is only the Father who explains to you here. This is why it doesn’t seem right to say repeatedly, ‘”God Shiva speaks.” ..”

God Shiva speaks through the sanskaras of father Brahma.

“The Father says: I make you into kings of kings. They would simply say: God Krishna speaks: Manmanabhav! When did he say it? They would say that he spoke it 5000 years ago, or some would say that he said it 3000 years before Christ. They don’t talk of 2000 years, because in the 1000 years in between, those of Islam and the Buddhists came. Therefore, this proves that 3000 years before Christ it became the golden age. We say that 5000 years ago God came and spoke the Gita and established the deity religion. “

Christ came 500 years into the Copper age. Thus, the Gita was spoken 3000 years before Christ. Now, 2000 years before Christ would be towards the end of the Golden age. Islam and Buddhism came altogether 500 years before Christianity. Note that Baba is referring to the beginning of the Golden age. Having the referential point of Christianity, 3000 years before Christ, the Gita was spoken. OR 2000 years after Christ, the Gita was spoken. According to the picture of the cycle of time, the only religion showing up in between is the Muslim Dynasty.

Baba is referring to the point where it was assumed the Gita to be spoken by Krishna as the Golden age by non BKs, however for BKs, “5000 years ago God came and spoke the Gita and established the deity religion. “

“Those people adopt children who come and settle in their home. There isn’t a system here to leave your parents” home or your in-laws’ home and come and stay here. That would not be possible. Here, you have to become like a lotus while living at home with your family. Whether you are a kumari or anything else, you are told to live at home and come to drink the nectar of knowledge every day. Understand this knowledge and then explain to others. Fulfil your responsibility to both sides. You also have to live at home with your family. You have to fulfil your responsibility to both sides till the end. At the end, whether you live here or there, death will come to everyone. It is said: Rama went and Ravan went. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that everyone has to come and stay here. “

The bottom line is wherever your particular situation, remain pure. Become a Lotus flower.

“Here, you have to do spiritual service. You also have to live at home with your family. Yes, when those people cause a lot of distress because of vice, you can come and take refuge with God. Daughters are beaten a lot for vice. It isn’t like this anywhere else. Here, you have to remain pure.”

Again the message is clear, BUT according to that time.

“There is only sorrow in hell.”

Therefore, if you feel any happiness… this couldn’t be hell… 🙂 That is the issue with generalizations.

“Punishment is received in the jail of a womb. There is no jail of a womb in the golden age where punishment would be received. There is the palace of a womb there. “

There is a settlement of karmic accounts which not only occur in the womb, but in daily living. Diseases, accidents, emotional suffering, etc. are part of that “punishment” which is settlement though the law of karma.

“I am the Creator and I would therefore surely create the new world of heaven. I would create the original eternal deity religion for heaven. “

Devotional line.

“You are asked: Have you taken this knowledge previously? You say: Yes, I took this knowledge 5000 years ago.”

Therefore, I merely remember it. I do not “learn it,” in an unlimited vision. Ina limited vision I could say that I am learning.

“No one. apart from God. can establish this deity religion. Even Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar cannot establish it because those deities are themselves a creation. The Creator of heaven, the Mother and Father, Himself, is needed.”

The sasnkaras of those who will become part of the Deity religion are emerging. It is part of the role. That role plays according to time. The time of the end of the kalpa is approaching, therefore; those sanskaras of the Golden age need to emerge again. Godly Gyan allows that to happen.

“In the copper age, they are not going to write about the acts that the Father carried out at this time.”

That is because the Father did not “carry out any acts.” 🙂 In devotion that is known as “Karankaravanhar.” Subtle help is coming to help us through our own weaknesses.

“This one is corporeal (vyakt). Prajapita Brahma. That one is subtle (avyakt Brahma). Both are the same.”

The same but different. 🙂 Being and non-being. The paradox to understand to go deeply into Gyan.

“Brahma. Vishnu and Shankar are subtle. They cannot create the same form for Shankar as they do for human beings because he doesn’t have a body of flesh and bones. We create that physical form in order to explain. However, you can see that he too is subtle.”

Brahma becomes Vishnu in one second (Shankar.) Humanizing God and the subtle deities is the “creation” of bhakti.

31/01/13-Night class

“Since there is this peace now, there must definitely have been peace at some time before. However, when and how that was or why there was peacelessnes no one knows, because people are in complete darkness. You children know that you are showing a very good path to happiness and peace. They have happiness but when they hear that they also have to become pure, they back off a little. This vice is everyone’s enemy and it is also loved by everyone. People’s hearts shrink when they have to renounce it. It is called poison and yet people do not renounce it. You heat your heads so much and you are still defeated. Everything is a matter of purity. It is in this that many fail. When they sec a kumari, they are attracted. Anger, greed and attachment do not have that attraction. Lust is the greatest enemy. To conquer it is a mahavir’s job. After body consciousness, lust comes first. It is this that you have to conquer. “

The aim to be in the first “division” is there. The task is to conquer sex-lust. If someone “fails” is not “failure” when trying. It is simply “A Kingdom is being established.” Stigmas are not needed.There has been benefit. Every soul interprets a different role. It is a numberwise Drama.

“People get married for vice.”

Probably back then. Now, it is easier to indulge in vice without marriage.

“The Father teaches us through Brahma, How else would He teach us? Only those who understood these scriptures in the previous cycle will understand them. They are trapped in the bog of the path of devotion. There is a lot of splendor in devotion.”

What we understand now, is the same thing we understood before. Nothing less, nothing more. It is the role. We can add “moral standards” to the movie. That will make us feel “good” at the expense of others; or to feel “guilty” when we compare to others. “The bog of devotion” will not allow us to see what otherwise, would be evident.

“Would you say that remembrance is conducted meditation? It is wrong to say that you sat in conducted meditation for half an hour. The Father simply says: Stay in remembrance! There is no need to teach by sitting opposite you. You have to remember the unlimited Father with a lot of love because He gives you many treasures. The mercury of your happiness should increase with remembrance. You would then feel supersensuous happiness. The Father says: That life of yours is very valuable. You have to keep it healthy. The longer you live, the more treasures you will take. You will receive the full treasures when you have become satopradhan. You receive power through the murli.”

Remembrance, feelings, love, Murli. What else is needed?

“When your remembrance is filled with power, the arrow will then strike the scholars and teachers. This is why Baba says: Keep your chart. Some say that they remember Baba a lot, but that their mouths are unable to open (they are unable to speak). Stay in remembrance and your sins will be absolved.”

That is a good motivation for greater remembrance.. 🙂

From the blessing:
“At any time, speak only those words which are necessary, yuktiyukt and beneficial to you and other souls. Doubly underline your words.”

Never underestimate the power of words. There is a return on that.

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