Comments on Sakar Murli- February 1, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, your duty is to caution one another by reminding them of the Father and the inheritance. Benefit for everyone is merged in this.

Question: What deep secret that even scientists cannot understand do you children understand?
Answer: You understand that a soul is an extremely subtle star and that all the sanskars are in the soul. It is the soul that plays his own part through the body. The body is non-living whereas the soul is living. In the same way, the Supreme Soul is also a star. He has all the knowledge. He is the Seed of the human world. He is the Truth and the Living Being. He is not brighter than a thousand suns. Only you children understand this deep secret. Scientists cannot understand these things. First of all, you children have to give everyone recognition of souls and the Supreme Soul.

Song: Mother, O Mother, you are the Bestower of Fortune for All.

Essence for dharna:
1. Stay awake at night and churn the ocean of knowledge. Take a dip in the Ocean of Knowledge.
Become conquerors of sleep by remembering the Father.
2. Continue to spin the discus of self-realisation. Remind one another of the Father and your
inheritance. Caution one another and continue to make progress.

Blessing: May you become a ruler of the globe who plays an all-round part in the flying stage, the same as the Father.
Just as the Father is an all-round actor – He can be the Friend as well as the Father – in the same way, those who are in the flying stage will be able to play their perfect parts of the service that is needed at whatever time. This is known as being all-round flying birds. They would be free from bondage in such a way that they are able to reach wherever there is a need for service. They will become embodiments of success in every type of service. Such souls are said to be rulers of the globe and all-round actors.

Slogan: By keeping the specialities of one another in your awareness you will become faithful and the gathering will become united in one direction.


This Murli presents great points for churning about the nature of the soul and God. When reading these comments, please bear in mind that there are different ways of understanding. That understanding depends on our consciousness. In spirituality being “smart” intellectually, does not do any good. The type of understanding is not related with getting a college degree. It is about a different consciousness. That consciousness is “open” as our awareness opens. This BK life is to open that awareness.

Below some points to churn:

“The Father says to you children: May you be spinners of the discus of self-realisation! The Father has cautioned you children in this way. , You children then also have to caution one another. By remembering the Father, you quickly have that intoxication. By reminding one another, you caution one another. “
“Everything is included in the expression: “Spinner of the discus of self-realisation”. It has knowledge of the Father, the status and the cycle.”

Spinning the discuss of self-realization is to recall what we are, what we have been and what we will become. This is a way of remembrance. Through this practice (drill) our minds could be occupied so waste is avoided. Note that this “drill” have been emphasized by avyakt BapDada as well.

“You repeatedly have to caution one another: Continue to remember the Father and the inheritance. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation, consider yourself to be bodiless and remember the bodiless Father. Remembrance means yoga. It is only through yoga that your body becomes free from disease. This is the effort of the present time. At the end, when you reach your karmateet stage, you will become completely free from disease. At the moment you are still effort-makers,”

Remembrance is the key but that remembrance is based on knowledge.

“God cannot be impure. This is why human beings first have to know the soul because no human beings have knowledge of the soul. It is the soul that listens. It is the soul that eats and drinks. The soul does everything through these organs.”

However, we can also say that our listening, eating and drinking are all part of a “recorded” role. There is the paradox of “action” through our sense organs but at the same time we forget that those activities are already part of a role. “The soul does everything through these organs,” means that the role which is the Drama expresses a part through our human physical senses giving us the perception of “individuality.”

“Therefore, you have to explain to them the form of a soul. The form of a soul is not that large. A soul is extremely subtle. The form of a soul is a zero or a point.”

Many times we think that “knowing” is describing. We do not realize that a description is a simple way to relate with that which is to be known. There is a difference between a “0” and a “.” You see that? Therefore, we shouldn’t take things literally. To know about a form is just referential. To know about the form of the soul will not make anyone soul conscious. It is just a device so “worship” could take place. What is important is to experience the soul.

“People ask: How does a soul leave the body? Where does he leave from? Some say: He leaves the body through the skull. Some say that he leaves the body through the eyes, because a body has many doors. However, it is so wonderful to know what a soul is! Some ask: How does a soul leave a body? They don’t ask: How does a soul enter a body? First of all, you have to know what a soul is. Such a tiny soul has a part of 84 births recorded in him. These matters are most wonderful. “

A soul is non-material. Therefore, the soul doesn’t need an “orifice” to leave the material body. A soul does not have a “location” for it is immaterial. For individuals who are used to worship things, a form is necessary. It is a visual aid. Through meditation we can feel the soul. At that point, whether we think that a soul is a dot or a zero, is of no consequence.

“That tiny Soul has all knowledge recorded in Him.”

Therefore, no one could teach us knowledge. Not even God. God can only trigger what is already “recorded” in a role.

“There is no difference between the form of souls and the form of the Supreme Soul but there is a difference between the parts and the sanskars of the two. The Father explains what sanskars He has and what sanskars you souls have.”

This is an interesting point. My viewpoint is that if God is a resident of the soul world, then He cannot have any sanskaras in an emerged form. As a matter of fact, that is why Brahma Baba is needed and that is how God “feels” like Brahma Baba’s sanskaras in Sakar Murlis. The difference between the Supreme soul and any soul is that God is beyond experience. (If that is so, there is no need for sanskaras for to have a sanskara means to experience.) On the other hand, any other soul has experiences, thus sanskaras “recorded.” This is a very important point to recognize God as “beyond experience.”

The other important difference between souls and the Supreme soul, is that souls are numberwise according to their capacity. The Supreme soul is beyond that. As we start recognizing how God is “beyond” all sorts of experiencing, we will understand the need for Brahma Baba’s sanskaras as the source of “flavor” for God. That flavor will change according to Brahma Baba’s sanskaras.

“There is God and also Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Each of them has a soul in him.? It is God who is knowledge-full. How did He make Saraswati knowledge-full?”

Note that there was a physical Brahma and a subtle Brahma. Which of those Brahma has a soul? 🙂
Here is when we learn about quantum physics and we can realize that things exist in different places at the same “time,” but at the same “time” there is no such a thing as consciousness of “time” as we understand it. (from the physical perspective.)

Therefore, as a multidimensional being, (this is my own theory, “manmat” if you would) “I am” in the physical realm, the subtle realm and why not… Parandham at the same “time”… Early gyan has taught us to separate things in order to explain them better, but we cannot explain them with depth unless those things become united again. Here is when “Oneness” becomes the paradigm. Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are interpreted as the “3 acts of God,” or also as how “karankaravanhar acts.”

However, we know that “Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma within a second (Shankar.)” Therefore, we are talking about the same principle (creation, sustenance, destruction) or the same individual (Brahma, Krishna/Narayan, Dada Lekhraj) in the context of devotional Hinduism.

God did not make Saraswati knowledge-full. It was in her role already. OR we can say it is both.. 🙂 For without God, that role wouldn’t have appeared (if we want to look at it in that way.)

“The Father has explained to you children how a soul is a star and how all the knowledge is recorded in it. None of the scientists will be able to understand this. All the sanskars are in the soul. A soul is a star. OK, so what is the form of God? He is the Supreme Soul; there is no difference. “

See the change? 🙂 First, is God “making” someone to be knowledgfull, but then; “all the knowledge is recorded in it.” This is known as a contradiction, which with greater understanding we can say that both statements are correct. It all depends in our “point of reference.” (A God worshiping view or a Drama absolutist viewpoint.)

“The Father says: It is just that you souls don’t have knowledge. I, the Supreme Soul, am knowledge-full. This is the only difference. “

🙂 And yet, another contradiction… “You souls don’t have knowledge…” But knowledge is “recorded” in you.. 🙂 In the statement above the aim is obviously to recognize the gap between the Supreme soul and any other soul. This will trigger a sense of “worship” from those who are not knowledge-full towards that being who has all the knowledge.

“God. the Father, is the Seed of the human world. He is the unlimited Father of everyone. He is the Truth and the Living Being. He has true knowledge in Him. He is also called the Truth. No one else has true knowledge in him. Only the one Father is the Creator. So, He definitely has the knowledge of the whole of creation in Him. He is the Seed of the tree. “

The interesting point to recognize is that knowledge is of no use unless it could be understood. As we can see, this knowledge is not simple. But the beauty of the Drama is that BapDada discloses that knowledge according to time and our level of understanding. This is not intellectual understanding as if “2+3=5.” This understanding requires a different consciousness. That is what this knowledge changes in us, so we can understand better.

“It is shown in the scriptures that He is thumb shaped. We say that He is a point of light. We have also created that picture. However, He ‘is not that big. He is extremely subtle. So what should we explain? They would ask us: Why have you shown such a big image in the picture? Tell them: What else should we have? He is just a point, so how would you worship Him? How would you offer Him milk? That form was created in order to worship Him.”

“That form was created in order to worship Him…” That is devotional understanding of gyan. That was the “rule” of that time… and many are still “there” according to time and roles.

“That supreme abode is our sweet home. The incorporeal world is the original home, then there is the subtle region and then the corporeal world. The Father resides in the incorporeal world. The soul says: I want to go to the land of nirvana where there aren’t even these organs.”

The “sweet home” is the land of the “sleeping beauty.” There, I wouldn’t be able to recognize it as “home.”

“You know that a soul enters a foetus which then becomes living. It is such a tiny soul and all his sanskars are recorded in him. Then, one by one, the sanskars of each birth emerge. “

All the sanskaras are there in a queue, waiting to emerge at the “right time.” Notice that this does not depend on anyone’s will power. These sanskaras emerge automatically…The outside scenes give us the impression of “I am making it happen,” but it is a synchronicity of the outside with the inside. It is a unison movement of the inside with the outside, so there is neither really outside nor inside. It is One.

“Although a soul may be becoming pure, the body cannot be pure. This is a tamopradhan body. “

The elements are “tamopradhan” from the perspective of an actor who has experienced other stages. From the perspective of a “newer” soul, the elements are not tamopradhan. It is a matter of consciousness.

“The Father explains: Even stay awake at night and talk to Baba. You have to dive into the Ocean of Knowledge, just as an animal dives into water. So, by diving in this way and by churning the ocean of knowledge, you can see that you receive many ‘points. They emerge from nowhere. This is staying awake at night and churning the ocean of knowledge,”

Those points emerge from “nowhere,” for they are part of the role. There is never an “I” involved, it is just a role, a simple role expressing through us.

From the blessing:

“May you become a ruler of the globe who plays an all-round part in the flying stage, the same as the Father.
Just as the Father is an all-round actor – He can be the Friend as well as the Father – in the same way, those who are in the flying stage will be able to play their perfect parts of the service that is needed at whatever time.”

That is the power to adapt and accept that nothing is “set in stone.” The Drama presents the opportunity and we could flow with it or deny it for the search of alignment with a thought. By not being open, the stomach may be full but the soul… empty.

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