Question: Dear brother, I want to know about remembrance, u say that visualization is not needed. Thats very good for me coz my visualization is really weak. Whenever I try to visualize I feel burdened than leave it. How should I start?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

Remembrance is meant so we can experience the soul for the aim of “all of this,” is to be soul conscious again. One way to feel the soul is through love for God. You do not need to visualize this. Just feel and send that love. The point of this, is to get us to feel again without any residual of attachment or any other vice which we cannot have with God.

Also, if you practice the “a-temporal” stage which is described in this blog. Just do a search on this blog with that term.

Here is another article.

You do not need to visualize, although you can think about feeling the soul or its energy traveling from the middle of the forehead to the heart. That thought, when you feel relaxed (breathing easily in and out with rhythm) will eventually manifest. Do not be concerned about this not happening right away. It is a practice that will manifest at is due time. It depends on the clarity of your consciousness, which is always a work in progress.

Best wishes!

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