Comments on Sakar Murli – February, 4, 2013

Essence:  Sweet children, this is now your final birth.   The play is coming to an end and you therefore have to become pure and return home. Then history will repeat from the golden age.

Question:    Which wonder can only you children perform while looking after your home and family?
Answer:   While looking after your home and family and living in the old world, you have to break your attachment to everyone.  Forget all the old things including your body.  This is the wonder of you children. This is called satopradhan renunciation. Only the Father teaches you this. You children promise to remain pure in this final birth. This purity will then remain all the time for 21 births. No one else can perform such a wonder.

Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Essence for dharna:

1.  Don’t remember any pictures.   Keep the Father without an image in your intellect.   Connect your intellect’s yoga up above.

2. You have to return home and you must therefore remove your attachment from all the old things including your body. Become completely pure.

Blessing: May you be a world transformer who wears the glasses of seeing specialities as you come into connection and relationship with others.

While coming into connection and relationship with one another, see each one’s specialities. Imbibe the vision of only seeing specialities.   Nowadays, the fashion and compulsion is of wearing glasses.  So, wear the glasses that sec specialities and nothing else will then be visible. When you wear red glasses, anything green will also be seen as red.  So, by not looking at the mud, but by seeing the lotus with the glasses of speciality, you will become an instrument for the special task of world transformation.

Slogan: Remain constantly far from the dust of thinking of and looking at others and you will become a flawless and invaluable diamond.



In this Murli Baba is taking us back on the basics of Gyan. There is an eternally repeating cycle every 5000 years, As discussed before, this is not a matter of confirming this information with what scientists may know. There is no way a scientist could explain the beginning of life when in fact; there was no beginning. All theories are made to fit this ingrained belief and thus, all discoveries basically are meant to support this main belief through theories. At the same time, a cycle of 5000 year does not fit in many intellects. Even though a linear human life of hundred of thousands of years is not supported by the “evidence” of current population growth. Finally, the existence of advanced civilizations before our time is not supported by linear history, even though, strong evidence exists (Egyptian Pyramids, Nazca lines, Macchu Picchu, Mayan calendar, and others) which some believe has been the work of “alien civilizations.” 🙂 As we can see this knowledge offers a distinct view of the world and time. It is not the aim of this knowledge to “prove” its own premises so it could be described to others, for as the blessing today mentioned, everything depends on the color glasses that we are wearing, and most of humanity are wearing a different color than then BK clan. Not better, Not worse, just different. This is supported by Gyan. Variety of opinions.

Baba shows the cycle of time through the explanation of the clans changes (entropy) to arrive to the Brahmin clan and then to repeat the “game” again.

Below some points to churn:

“You attain a kingdom easily. For where? For the golden age. That is called liberation-in-life. The evil spirits of Ravan do not exist there.”

Note that liberation of life is redefined in the Murli of April 20, 2012. In this Murli an explanation of liberation in life is given according to where in the cycle a particular soul appears. That explanation is more accurate.

“It was definitely the Father who established that kingdom. They received their inheritance from the Father. Those souls have been around the cycle of 84 births. Only the people of Bharat go through these clans. It is now the shudra clan. After the shudra clan there is the most elevated Brahmin clan. The Brahmin clan means you are the mouth-born creation of Brahma. Prajapita Brahma must definitely have adopted children.”

Please bear in mind that “only the people of Bharat go through these clans.” That means those who belong to the Brahmin clan. The rest of the people could not fit in this. Thus, only a Brahmin soul could be a “Shudra.”
The explanation of the clans is made to put the Brahmin clan in perspective around the cycle of time.

“Then, in the iron age, there are no charitable souls; all are sinful souls. Those who are pure are said to be charitable souls.”

Let us remember that every soul in their first birth reach their utmost purity, expressed in the physical world.

“Human beings definitely have to go through the stages of golden, silver, copper, iron.. Having gone around the cycle, the jewellery has become tamopradhan and false.”

There is the cycle of time viewed in the change of “clans,” but also there is the cycle of time when all souls are considered, and that is explained through the labels of “golden, silver, copper, iron.” Which is comparative to Satopradhan, sato,rajo and tamo. It basically describes entropy.

“ However, it would be said that everything at this time is tamopradhan.”

Only from the perspective of a Brahmin soul.

“I become the Charioteer of this ehariot. I give him knowledge. I begin with him and I give the urn to the mothers. This one is also a mother. This one becomes this first and then you do.”

A “mother” is not a soul in a female body. This is something that hasn’t been understood. From my observation, churning knowledge is a gift that has been given to “mothers” in a numberwise way 🙂 A “mother” means someone who sustains others, spiritually speaking.

“I, the Ocean of Knowledge, am the Creator of heaven. I do not create hell. It is Maya, Ravan, who creates hell. The Father says-: I am the Creator and so 1 would surely create heaven.”

Heaven becomes Hell through entropy from the perspective of someone who has been on one side of the “equation.” Hell is now only for those who have been in the Golden and Silver ages and for those who have been in the Copper age. For a new Iron aged soul, this cannot be “Hell.” Neither heaven nor hell are created. They just change according to time.

“ Those who were satopradhan and worthy of worship become tamopradhan worshippers.”

That is the “history of immortality” in a nutshell.

“The kingdom of Rama is the day of Brahma and the kingdom of Ravan is the night of Brahma. So, when should the Father come? He would come when the night of Brahma is to end. “

That is a great point to explain. God as the “point of transformation” should have greater visibility when entropy has reached its utmost degree.

“The Father says: You mustn’t remember the pictures of any subtle, corporeal or incorporeal beings. You are given an aim. People remember others when they see their pictures. Baba says: Stop looking at pictures! That is the path of devotion.”

🙂 Here is the Shrimat. Understanding this and following this, is a numberwise game.

“Therefore, you mustn’t remember anyone’s picture. You mustn’t even have yoga with this picture of Shiva because Shiva is not like that.”

All pictures are merely representations for worshiping purposes. They are no the real thing.

“It has been explained to you children that all of those scriptures etc. belong to the path of devotion and that the same ones will be written again, and by reading them people have become tamopradhan.”
“Scriptures cannot purify anyone.”

Scriptures go according to time. The main purpose of a scripture was to moralize individuals. Once purity is lost, morality is needed to rule people. In this, we can see that no scripture has the aim of purifying individuals, but just to maintain certain order. Purification is self realization.

“Only God teaches this satopradhan renunciation. He says: This old world is now to end and you must therefore finish your attachment to it. Everyone has to go back. Forget all the old things, including your bodies. Give those five vices to Me. If you become impure, you won’t be able to go to the pure world. Promise the Father that you will remain pure in this final birth and then purity will remain all the time. “

Purity in all aspects is the aim at this time, for that is the ticket to the new world.

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