Comments on Sakar Murli – February 5, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, only by following the elevated directions of Shri Shri, the most elevated One, will you become Shri Narayan from an ordinary man. There is victory through faith.

Question: What speciality should the direct creation of God definitely have?
Answer: That of remaining constantly cheerful. The jewels of knowledge should constantly emerge through the mouths of God’s creation. Their behaviour has to be very royal. Their behaviour should not be such that it defames the Father’s name. To cry, fight and quarrel and to eat impure food are not qualifications of God’s children. If those who have called themselves the children of God cry or perform wrong actions, they lose the Father’s honour. This is why you children have to be very, very cautious. Constantly have Godly intoxication and remain cheerful.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Essence for dharna:
1.Remember sweet Baba and the sweet land of happiness. Remove this land of Maya from your intellect.
2.Never become tired of service. In order to become part of the rosary of victory, scree tirelessly. Remain honest and truthful to Shiv Baba. Don’t make any mistakes. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

Blessing: May you be a master bestower of peace and become an instrument for the establishment of the new world with the power of silence.
In order to accumulate the power of silence, become bodiless and go beyond that body. The power of silence is a great power for it is with this power that the new world is established. So, those who remain stable in silence, beyond sound, are able to carry out the task of establishment. Therefore, become a bestower of peace, that is, be an embodiment of peace and give rays of peace to peaceless souls. Specially increase the power of silence. This is the greatest donation of all. This is the most loved and the most powerful power.

Slogan: To have good wishes for every soul and for all matter is to become a world benefactor.


This Murli brings the idea of the benefits of following Shrimat. An interesting question to ponder is if Shrimat is something that we need to follow as is written literally in the Murli or something that we need to understand as we develop spiritually. For instance if Baba says: “Do not cry if your mother dies. Eat halava.” If Shrimat is to suppress my grieving so I can follow the written statement, that is completely negative. If I understand it as something to strive for once I understand gyan, something that eventually I will get there… That is a different story, for as we become spiritually stronger, the “not to cry” becomes “natural.” On the other hand consider a 1 year old BK who is experiencing death of his lokik mother trying to follow Shrimat by not demonstrating his sadness. That “following shrimat” is making an “unhealthy” show. Everything will be felt inside. We cannot fool our emotions. That is part of our honesty with the Father.

That theme of “crying” appears like an on-going theme for perhaps; due to the greater female population in the Yagya. I recall this paragraph from the SM Murli of 3/13/10: ” It is forbidden to cry because no one cries in the Golden age.” 🙂

The “spirit of the law,” shall prevail…

Below some points for churning:

“Those who belong to Me say: Shiv Baba, I have become Yours through the mouth of Brahma. They promise: I belong to You. I will remain Yours. Baba, too, says: You arc Mine. Now follow My directions. By following shrimat you will become the elevated Lakshmi and Narayan. This is a guarantee. “

Belonging to God is not a matter of words. It means to die from the consciousness of “I and mine.” That is the way to belong to God. Following Shrimat is meant to get to that point of “dying alive.”

“You will become the beads of the rosary of victory. The significance of the rosary has also been explained to you; the rosary of victory is created out of those who do good service. The beads that do the best service are placed ahead in the rosary of Rudra. Then they will be ahead in the rosary of Vishnu. It is numberwise. First, there are the 108 and then add the rosary of 16,000. It isn’t that in the golden and silver ages there will just be 108 princes and princesses. As expansion takes place, the rosary becomes bigger. When the number of subjects grows,” the number of princes and princesses would also surely grow.”

Numberwise. It is not only the role of a King which is valuable, but the time. For instance, a subject of the Golden age may be better of than a King in the Iron age. Similarly an emperor in day 1, year 1; will be of “greater status” than another emperor in the Golden age. This “comparison” is not “real” for we are numberwise, but this is just to understand that “status goes along with timing” as well.

“However, to become a king is a little difficult. In this, too, it is the ordinary and poor ones who go ahead. Baba says: I am the Lord of the Poor. Donations are given to the poor. I come and bless the stone intellects, the hunchbacks and the sinful souls. “

The big problem is ego. Greater schooling, greater education, greater “position” usually means greater ego. This does not mean that being “poor” is better, It means that when there is no spiritual awareness, “having” things means to accentuate ego.

“No one can become a deity without becoming a Brahmin. Those who were in the deity clan have come into the Brahmin clan, because only then can they go into the deity clan. “

There was a Murli when Baba spoke that some scientists will go to the Golden age because their sanskaras are needed, although they will be subjects. There was no mention if these souls have been BKs.

“God’s children should always remain cheerful. They must never cry. Here, many who call themselves Brahma Kumars and Kumaris cry, especially the kumaris. Men don’t cry. Those who cry defame the Father’s name. They appear to be slaves of Maya. They don’t appear to be those who belong to Shiv Baba. “

🙂 There are many ways of crying as there are of laughing. The “men don’t cry” is a stereotype that has pulverized spirituality in many men, for emotions were shut down to allow for “thinking” to take over. I wouldn’t take this advice literally as of now, although as we know; it is “numberwise” and there is a steep climb in the soul conscious business. The more deceptive way to say that we are “following Shrimat,” is to show an impervious face in the outside instead of crying although the inside is completely shattered. That is a lie. A repression. Lack of honesty. Food for thought…

“You must always remain cheerful. Only when you remain cheerful here will you remain cheerful for 21 births. “

Even though its sounds like an order, cheerfulness in a natural way, is a sign that we are arriving. We can “force” ourselves to be cheerful, but we can naturally get there through a “healthy” spirituality.

“If you tell a lie, you fall. Nothing can remain hidden from Shiv Baba. Don’t think that no one is watching. Shiv Baba would quickly know everything. They would destroy themselves for nothing. You should speak the truth, for only then will you continue to dance in the golden age. “

Evidently, Brahma Baba’s intentions were for the “little children” to be truthful. Perhaps they took something from the kitchen without asking for permission, or something else. For “grown ups” we know that the law of karma takes care of that “watching over” business as everything is “fixed” in the “big movie.”

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