Question: Dear brother, It is amazing that how a test in life can show you how much faith you have in god and drama, my experience in last week, with the initial test of high blood pressure and possibility of high cholesterol made me go through the test of attachment to the body, family and put the power to pack up in work. The mind which created fearful thoughts were finally overcome by being in a solid remembrance and soul conscious, the end test result of my blood work showed it was not a big thing after all, how ever, the realization I had with this test was, in a difficult situations, nothing will help other than the remembrance of baba and the ability to be in soul conscious as I understand karmic accounts are being settled. Nothing is new as we all have to settle our account one way or another. The question for you brother is how far does our account go in terms of settlement? many births or couple of births? Does it mean that brahmin soul will have lots to settle as we would have taken many births in a numberwise manner?

Thank you for your question and for sharing your great experience!

Dear soul,
Karmic accounts started for a Brahmin soul towards the confluence of the Silver and Copper age. From that point on, we have accumulated many karmic accounts. This does not mean necessarily “sinful” accounts but accounts with just a return as well, like getting a good education, good health, etc. The issue for Brahmin souls that no other soul experiences is that when you signed up to be a BK, you signed up to settle karmic accounts in order to become “karmateet.” We cannot think in “numbers” as in life we have done many things, but we can get an idea by the “theme” of accounts; for instance for some souls most of their karmic bondages are related with health issues, for others, relationships; for others a combination, but once you overcome those accounts through suffering and yoga, you may have “greater” tests or perhaps those accounts are over. We never know. All we know is that we have the capacity to settle those accounts, which will be done in a numberwise manner.

It is important to realize that “numbers” are not as important as the INTENSITY of those accounts. A very intense suffering means the settlement of a “big account.” That goes according to the capacity of a Brahmin soul to settle accounts, which is pre-ordained in the Drama.

Best wishes!

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