Question: Hi brother Being a trustee, what does it really mean, I’ve been around for a while but I don’t really understand what it means yet? I don’t live in a centre, I have job and house and do my own things sometimes…what does it really mean for me?

Thank you for your great and honest question!

Dear soul,

The answer is in your last line: What does it really mean for ME?
If you do not have that consciousness of “Me” then you’ll know the answer. Again, in language we use the words “me,” “I,” “mine,” “owning,” “posses,” “my,” etc.. those terms are built upon the illusion of something which is not separated from anything. That language helps create the sense of “personality,” ego. Ego is not bad, for it exists even though it is an illusion.. šŸ™‚

This is not a question of changing languages, but a question of changing consciousness. When Baba mentions to be a “trustee,” it most likely means that all those things which you feel that you “own” (any my, mine, me, etc) is not yours… But Baba’s… šŸ™‚ All those things you are just borrowing from Him… for “service.” Even BapDada talks about “surrendering your thoughts, so only His thoughts work through you.” This is in a Baba/God centered view of Gyan.

See that He is talking about emptiness, void-ness, flowing in life without further thoughts and allowing the Drama/Baba to show you what is next…without asking that question… This is in a Drama centered view of Gyan.

Warning: Don’t take this literally for otherwise, you will not understand. Experience it, by allowing yourself to experience.

Best wishes!

Best wishes!

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