Comments on Sakar Murli – February 6, 2013

Essence: Sweet ehildren, the Father has come to serve the unlimited world and to make hell into heaven. Only the Father does this service every cycle.

Question: Which system of the confluence age is completely different from the rest of the cycle?
Answer: Throughout the whole cycle, children say “”Namaste” to the Father. I am now on service of you long-lost-and-now-found, beloved children and so you children are senior to Me. The Father comes to the children after a cycle to cleanse the whole world of all the rubbish and to change hell into heaven. No one else can be incorporeal and egoless in the same way as the Father. The Father massages the feet of His tired children.

Song: Awaken o brides! Awaken! The new age is about to come…

Essence for dharna:
1.Renounce body consciousness and keep your elders in front of you. Become egoless like the Father.
2. Charity begins at home. First of all, make your family like a lotus. While living at home, discard the old world from your intellect.

Blessing: May you claim a seat of closeness by being equal and become a victorious jewel who comes in the first division.
Together with the closeness of time, now also make yourself equal to the Father. To be equal to the Father in your thoughts, words, deeds, sanskars and service means to come close to Him. Experience the Father’s company, co-operation and love in every thought. Constantly experience the Father’s company with your hand in His hand and you will come in the first division. Have constant remembrance and full love for the Father and you will become a victorious jewel in the rosary of victory. You have a chance even now because the board of “Too late!” has not yet been put up.

Slogan: To be a bestower of happiness and do the service of liberating many other souls from their sorrow and peacelessness is to become Sukhdev (a deity of happiness).


In this Murli we can observe the setting of praising God as the main objective. As explained before, that praise to God could be viewed as well as the praise of the “Drama,” for nothing happens if it is not already fixed in this Drama. Godly “activities” through others, “salvation deeds,” “sending you from the incorporeal abode to play your part,” etc. It is clearly an effort to “personalize” God in a romantic ways so love could flow from our deepest being. A closer look into the Murli will give us an indication of the need of this, for remembrance in Sakar days was based on a devotional love to God, not necessarily based on Gyan as we could understand it now. Also, we can note the preference towards Brahmin souls as the “ones who can understand this knowledge,” forgetting that it is “fixed” in the Drama in that way, so other souls will not be able to understand it. As explained before, this reflects the Gyani teaching that “we cannot learn but we remember.” We remember that which we have experienced. Gyan is meant for us to remember the Golden and Silver ages which other souls have not experienced, however, they will be “home” with God, the Beloved, for the longest time… 🙂 while we will forget Him… 😦

See that when we get too analytical with the Murli, there is the risk for the “magic” to be gone. But if we see the Murli with just the “magic” we will not be grounded on the reality of Gyan and in the hands of devotion. It is important to be balanced. Balance, balance, balance…Harmonious, grounded. 🙂

The comments on this Murli are not meant to be provocative. They are meant to see things in a very detached manner, so we could see things from a different perspective. This is not the “right way,” neither the “only way,” but just another way…

Below some points to churn:

“The customs and systems of the confluence age are unique.”

It is meant to reform the self from a “Shudra” life style. Reformation has a timing, which varies among BKs.

“You children understand that the Father has come on unlimited service of the whole world. There is so much rubbish in the world. This is hell. Therefore, the Father has to come to change hell into heaven. He comes with a lot of love and enthusiasm. “

🙂 God the “hero.” He changes this “hell” which lots of human beings are not willing to exchange for another thing due to their attachment and due to the fact, that they do not experience this life as being “hell.” However, it is understandable that from a BK perspective this is hell. Believe it or not, destruction is as natural as creation. One leads to the other, that is the game of the Drama. Through God a soul gets “reformed,” so through the law of Karma, that soul will deserve to go to a “newly” created place.

“It is remembered that He carries out establishment through Brahma and sustenance through Vishnu. He doesn’t do that Himself, but He carries it out through others. Therefore, this is His praise. In fact, He first has to create the creation of the subtle region because He is the Creator.”

Devotional lines to fit Hindu devotion. The “3 acts of God,” are merely the Drama unfolding in its expansion and collapse to be re-created again. The Drama accomplishes this feat through “actors.” It is the game of expansion and collapse, which in devotional terms have been assigned to “people,” Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. Note however that Brahma Baba is the first one to appear as a Brahmin soul, through a Divine touching. That is the “magical” part of the Drama. The others (BKs) will be “revealed” as the Drama unfolds. There is a story for this unfolding to take place. That story could be viewed with romantic shades or it could be viewed as a “straight forward” business, or something in between. Our perception will depend on the color of sunglasses that we use to perceive the Drama, according to our sanskaras.

“When did God speak the Gita? All the religions must definitely have existed at that time. In fact, the one Gita is the main one for all religions. Those of all religions should believe in it, but they don’t. Those of Islam and the Christians are very strict in their religion. They only believe in their own religious scriptures. When they come to know that the Gita is the ancient scripture, they ask for it to be brought (from India), but they don’t know when God spoke the Gita.”

Note that according to Gyan is “impossible,” for a soul who does not belong into the Brahmin clan to perceive that their scripture is not the “real one.” A Christian soul will observe and have faith in his scripture. However as long as there is “close mindedness,” that soul will not be able to perceive the knowledge that other leaves of the tree have. Similarly with BK souls. “ Close-mindedness” means that we will not see the relationship between religions on the inverted tree of humanity. We will only see differences and separation. We will see with fear of being “converted,” we will belief that our is the only “truth.” However, by looking at the picture of the inverted tree, we can understand that this is not a matter of “conversion,” this is a matter of understanding where I belong and to accept the vision and mission of other souls, for they will not be able to understand mine, but we can acknowledge each other. Even nowadays, the depth of BK knowledge is not really understood by many and “devotion” with its close minded-ness is the outcome of that lack of understanding.

“All religions exist at this time. The Father has come to grant salvation to all religions through the Gita. “

To go to the soul world is the fact in gyan. To call that experience “Salvation” is a romantic name. It is merely a “place” to stop by. “Salvation” is something lasting, it is not something recurrent. It is like taking a “break” if you would. Please see this point. However, at the time when fear was in the intellect of the “children” for the second world war was announcing massive destruction and no time to stop that, the best way to detach from this world is by using derogatory words to create “disinterest,” such as dirty, impure world, hell, etc. While at the same time creating nice labels for the “land of Nirvana,” such as “home,” the land of peace, the land of salvation for all, etc. Please see the logic behind it. Words are important, their description makes a great difference.

“The original eternal deity religion is once again being established. Other religions will not exist then. Krishna will also come when none of the other religions exist. “

Because according to the Drama, those religions will appear later on to sustain the magical aspects of the Drama which is the connection with the Divine. Once the Divine is lost is our own selves, we look for someone who has it. That is the origin of worship and devotion.

“All the rest of the souls reside in the land of liberation. Everyone has to meet God. They would salute the Father, would they not? The Father comes once again and salutes the children, and the children then salute the Father. The Father has come in the living form at this time. Then, all souls will definitely meet the Father there. Everyone definitely has to meet God. Where will they meet Him? They cannot meet Him here, because only a handful out of multimillions, and only a few of that handful, will come. Therefore, where and when would all the devotees meet Him? They will meet Him where they separated from Him. The residence of God is the supreme abode (Paramdham). The Father says: I take all the children back to the supreme abode after liberating them from sorrow.”

The interesting aspect is that there is no such a “meeting” in the soul world. We are like “seeds” there. Every religion brings the experience of God to their own followers. For a Christian, it was 2000 years ago and still many “born again Christians” will believe about their connection with God. Note that for a Brahmin soul is different: different timing, due to our particular roles in the Drama.

“Hindi is a common language. Hindi is used a lot more. God too speaks in Hindi.”

Completely devotional line. The reason why God speaks Hindi, is due to Brahma Baba’s sanskaras. Nevertheless, it is a good line to remember for those “children back then,” for a sense of communication was there. God spoke their own language.

“Heavenly God, the Father, would surely create heaven. He wouldn’t create hell. Ravan establishes hell and the Father establishes heaven. His right name is Shiva. Shiva means a point. A soul is a point.”

This is the religious beginning of duality of the moralizing “good and evil” characters: God versus the Devil, Ravan, Maya, etc. This is the origin of our ingrained “black or white” view of the world as well.

“As is a soul, so the Supreme Soul. However, the wonder is that every tiny soul has the part of all his births recorded in him. That part is never erased; it continues for ever. This is such a deep thing. Did Baba tell you these things earlier? Earlier, He said that a soul has the form of a lingam, that it is thumb shaped. If Baba had told you this earlier, you wouldn’t have been able to understand it.”

Note that a “part” of a soul is never erased. When we have ego, we feel as “puppets” of destiny; when that ego diminishes we can see the beauty of the part running through us. To align with that part is to flow with the Drama. Every soul has a distinct part. Also note that knowledge has newness in it. That newness appears as we churn it. Points which have not been found before, are being found now. Our understanding has changed as well. I wouldn’t be able to explain about duality, oneness and quantum physics concepts to the “children” back then. I wouldn’t be able to talk about the “advanced party” neither that God doesn’t have to be explained under Hinduism bhakti. They just wouldn’t listen. They just wouldn’t understand. However, they had many super natural experiences, which increased their faith and resilience. Nevertheless, this Gyan and its depth is being hidden to the world for now, since the interpretation of it is surrounded by child like tales and stories. This knowledge in its full depth and how it applies to humanity and not just to BKs remains hidden, in my humble opinion.

“What do you want a vision of? The new world. The Father creates the new world of heaven. He sends everyone there. He Himself only comes here once. People now ask for peace because everyone is going to go into peace. They say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow. It says in the Gita that, through Raja Yoga, you become the king of kings. How could those who say that happiness is like the droppings of a crow receive a kingdom? “

Similarly, to say that “this is hell” or the “the world of sorrow,” surely fits that Sanayassi description. “Becoming” in another life is of no use while living this life now. That is why BapDada’s teachings now are meant for the present, the “now,” the attainments now. The future will take care by itself through the law of karma.

“Charity begins at home.”

Everything in spirituality, every change, starts with the self. That is a fundamental teaching in every religion.

“The Father says: I will take you back with Me. Then I will send you to play your parts, numberwise. No one else can say: I am your Guide and I will take you back. He purifies all the impure human beings and takes them back. Then souls will begin to come down at their own time to establish their own religions. “

The above should refer to the “almighty Drama.” The path is in the role.

“The duration of the cycle has now come to an end and all souls are present here. The Father too has come. Each one has to play his own part. Not all actors in a play come onto the stage at the same time; they all come at their own time. The Father has explained to you how they all come down, numberwise. “

It is about parts of the “actors.” Those parts are the Drama. That is how ONE, expresses through many.

“You know that not everyone is clever to the same extent. If a scholar or pundit debates with a new teacher, she wouldn’t be able to explain. Therefore, she should say: I am still new. Come at such-and-such a time and my senior sister will explain to you. There are others who are cleverer than I. All are numberwise in a class. You should not become body conscious. Otherwise, you will lose Baba’s honour. They would then say that the BKs are not able to explain fully. Therefore, you should let go of body consciousness and refer them to others. Baba also says: I will ask up above.”

This is one of the issues to understand. There is a difference between explaining gyan and living gyan. The optimum would be to see both at the same time in someone. However, scholars, pundits, Ph.Ds, etc are not concerned about the “living” part of Gyan, unfortunately. they are concerned only about theories, it seems…

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