Comments on Sakar Murli- February 7, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, the wonder of the Father’s knowledge is that, through this knowledge and the power of yoga, you become completely pure. The Father has come to make you into angels of knowledge with this knowledge.

Question: What prize do children give the Father in advance for His wonders?
Answer: To sacrifice yourselves to the Father is to give a prize in advance. It isn’t that Baba first makes you beautiful and that you then sacrifice yourselves. You have to sacrifice yourselves completely now. While doing everything for the livelihood of your body and looking after your children, to follow shrimat is to sacrifice yourselves. There are just pebbles and stones in this world and so you must remove your intellect’s yoga away from them and remember the Father and the new world.

Song: You are the Ocean of Love! We thirst for one drop.

Essence for dharna:
1.Make your household into an ashram, that is, make it pure. There is power in purity. There is
respect for purity and this is why you accumulate the power of yoga and the power of purity.
2.Baba is the most beloved. Sacrifice yourself to Him totally and remove the old world from
your intellect.

Blessing: May you be a spiritual server who constantly stays in enthusiasm for the self and also gives enthusiasm to others every day.

BapDada gives all the spiritual server children this loving gift: Children, always stay in enthusiasm for-the self and also celebrate the festival of giving enthusiasm to everyone every day. By doing so, you will be freed from any effort of harmonizing or finishing sanskars. Constantly celebrate this festival and all problems will finish. You will then not have to give time nor will you have to use your powers. You will then become angels who dance in happiness and constantly fly.

Slogan: Those who understand the secrets of the drama and make the lesson of “nothing new” firm are carefree emperors.


In this Murli Baba uses his favorite teaching tool, “contrasts,” to explain the differences between “Hell (now) and Heaven (Future.)” This is a recurrent theme is most Sakar Murlis.

Also, Baba is praising the kumaris. The “urn of knowledge is in the mothers.” This is an important aspect to understand. Baba has selected the female “energy” to complement the current male energy surrounding the world. Along with that, a female has the capacity for “motherhood,” she has the capacity to “surrender” to the one she loves and to “sacrifice” her life for her family. These characteristics have been used by Baba among BK sisters. Many times that love that a sister feels for God is really that romantic love which she has experienced through BapDada. Nowadays, it is the subtle form and the romantic experiences that go along with it: Dancing with Baba (Brahma Baba’s subtle body,) Accepting a ring from Baba, feeling subtle caresses from Baba, hearing loving words from Baba in the Murli (males are usually visual, females; like to hear nice words, in general.) All of those things will in a way fulfill the female inner desire to feel uniquely loved by a husband; in this case the “husband of all husbands.” No wonder it is important to “hear” the Murli, no wonder SM are usually romantic and emphasize a strong relationship of “Baba and no one else.”

However, we can see that all of that is still in the real of “body consciousness.” 🙂 But, it is getting the best of it for self transformation.

As mentioned before, that romantic relationship does not assure soul consciousness unless perhaps that love is deep, so the soul could feel that potential for love and self realization.
Brothers surrounded by a “female oriented” organization, have those female sanskaras as well, but the romantic touch of a “wife of God,” may not be there. Those female sanskaras are important to develop as a part of becoming wholesome and balanced.

Beyond the “magic” of a romantic relationship with God, there is gyan and the aim of soul consciousness. At the same time, there is the sense of responsibility from a brother perspective to help or support this Godly task by achieving a higher consciousness and that means, by accepting what the Drama brings in their path. Different roles, different capacity.
Below some points to churn:

“Salvation is received through knowledge.”

Note that Baba may change the meaning of “Salvation.” Sometimes, Salvation is to reach the soul world, at other times, it is to reach the Golden age. In the above context, it is to be “liberated in life,” for only BK souls “receive” this knowledge.

“For as long as you live, you continue to listen to knowledge from Him. He is constantly full. He gives you a few jewels of knowledge through which the whole world receives salvation.”

Note in this case, “salvation” means the land of “peace” (Liberation.) It is important to see that the aim in the Sakar Murli wasn’t to be an encyclopedic source of raw knowledge, but a source of enchantment for specially Kumaris to continue in the path. For that reason while I am “analyzing” the sources of “pure gyan,” I am missing the other aspect, which is the support, the love and the assurance from the “Husband of all Husbands, “that once you surrender to Him, you will be alright for 21 births.

This is the balance that is needed to better grasp a Sakar Murli.

“There is no health in the beauty of this place. There, your health is good and you also have beauty.”

Very appealing to a female sanskara. The contrast of “here and there,” is very important for the mind of a “romantic dreamer.”This has been changed by Avyakt BapDada as to be in the present, the “now,” which is something that many recent spiritual Guru’s talk about. Consciousness changes according to time.

“There has to be total sacrifice. The significance of this has also been explained to you. It isn’t that you have to bring everyone to Baba and just sit here. You have to follow shrimat. He is the Father of all souls. He is not called the Creator of souls. He is called the Creator of the world and the Creator of heaven. However, souls and this play are eternal but, at this time, He makes the old world new; He changes it.”

Note that in Baba’s language, creation means to “change.” Note that the Drama is all about change. There is no need to create what is already being “re-created” through the Drama. The Divine experiences felt by the founders of BK, were the incentive to transform the self. In that way, we can see “God’s hands.”

“However, people don’t know Maya. Just as they don’t know God, similarly, they don’t know Maya. They say that God is omnipresent. However, it is the five vices that are omnipresent. At this time, all devotees remember the Father, that is, there is remembrance of God in everyone. It isn’t that He is omnipresent. It is the five vices that cause sorrow. Devotees remember God because they are very unhappy.”

🙂 People don’t know God, but there is remembrance of God in everyone. It appears that “knowing God” was about knowing his name, location, form, “deeds,” etc. His autobiography. Whereas many people have experienced God (in their perspective) without having this knowledge.

“They then say that it is God who gives happiness and sorrow. They forget Ravan’s name and consider prosperity to be Maya. Prosperity is wealth. At this time, all are slaves to Maya, Ravan, whereas you have become slaves to God. They claim an inheritance of sorrow from Ravan whereas you claim an inheritance of happiness from the Father.”

The word “slave” of God it is not appealing for a child of God. In this explanation of duality we need to understand that non-BK soul’s experience of sorrow is not the same as a BK soul. Here is when “contrasts” do not convey an accurate meaning.

“The Father comes and gives the mothers the status of a guru. Here, people say that a wife’s husband is her guru. However, they make their wives even more impure. Even Draupadi called out: Protect my honour! The Father now says: I will uplift everyone through these kumaris. There is praise of kumaris. A kumari is one who uplifts her parents’ home and her in-laws’ home for 21 births. At this time, you become kumaris. Even mothers become kumaris. You are Brahma Kumaris. Therefore, your praise of this time continues. Kumaris have worked wonders. The Father made the kumaris belong to Him.”

Is it the knowledge that a mother has which will make her a guru? I feel it is more her dedication and surrendered intellect to the experience of God. That experience is able to touch people’s hearts.

“The Father explains: For half the cycle, you married off the kumaris and made them vicious. The Father has now come and He says: Become pure! You can see that there is happiness and respect for purity. There is so much respect for sannyasis. They become free from bondage. That is the power of purity. That isn’t the power of yoga. Only you have the power of yoga. “

Purity/celibacy is a very important aspect not only in Brahma Kumaris but in any mainstream religion. Certainly there is a lot that could be achieved through purity/celibacy and it is “numberwise” as well.

“The Father says: The name of the mothers has to be glorified a great deal. Men have to help in this. If they (mothers) want to remain pure, they should be allowed to do so. So, the Father comes and first of all makes the mothers and kumaris belong to Him by giving them knowledge. “

There has to be a “higher status” for men who surrender their wives and take “second seat” in an organization run by women. 🙂

“There are also kumars, but there are very few of them; there are more kumaris. “

I don’t think this needs further comments… It is expected. 🙂

“They call that brahm, Ishwar (God). This is why their yoga is artificial. Sins are not absolved through that yoga and this is why they go to bathe in the Ganges.”

Note that to “absolve sins,” should mean to experience settlement with less intensity. Karma will happen as it has to happen. There is no escape from that. The experience of that settlement is what changes through yoga. “to feel the crucifix as the prick of a thorn.”

“Even the Government wants to control the population because they wonder where they will obtain sufficient food from. They don’t understand the aspect of purity. “

Obviously, celibacy is not something in the role of everyone.

“For half the cycle, people have explained wrong things. The Father has come and explained the right things to you. Earlier, you had a very good book of the contrasts. Now, even more good points are emerging. The Father says: Day by day, I tell you very deep things. I would not give you all this knowledge at the same time. Previously, I used to give you very easy knowledge. Day by day, it is becoming deeper and deeper. How could I tell you all the deep things at the same time?”

There is knowledge and there is “churning” knowledge. Knowledge is based on to the “point facts of Gyan.” Churning is the expansion of that seed. New points emerge as we churn gyan. The depth of those points will emerge according to the capacity of churning of a particular role of a soul. As we experience more knowledge practically and open up to what the Drama brings, we will understand different points which we were not able to do it before. Knowledge is dynamic. It depends not in what a specific “book” says but in our capacity to understand beyond the typical “book knowledge of parrots,” or the physical/scientific knowledge of Mr. Analysis. To understand Gyan beyond “theories” we have to live it. As our consciousness opens we will be able to see what other will not. Just different consciousness.

“It isn’t that you should say: Earlier, Baba used to say this and now He is saying this. However, in the beginning, it was the primary class. There are still many more points that will continue to emerge. Baba will continue to give you knowledge for as long as you live. When Baba tells you deep secrets, He will tell you later. We are now studying.”

🙂 This is something that typically irritates those who do not have the capacity to understand what “Dynamic” means in the context of understanding teachings according to time and situations. In a Sakar Murli, there is obviously knowledge; but primarily there is love an encouragement for a female based population in a child mind set. That knowledge is explained under those circumstances. “Pure” Gyan does not fit “contrasts” as used by Brahma Baba. “Pure” Gyan is not “black or white.” However, most of our understanding is “black or white,” definitely the understanding back then was like that. It is for us to realize that we could change the context of Gyan, we could change the type of audience and we could find “jewels” which have not been explored before. We know that we will find “diamonds.” That is what knowledge explains, but the quality of those diamonds, we do not know until we are willing to leave the old paradigms and “dive” into it without that baggage.

“Baba has given the kumaris the key to the gift of heaven. Kumaris make Bharat into heaven. Kumaris can even explain to their friends and relatives: 1 have been adopted by the parlokik Mother and Father.”

Baba’s praise on Kumaris is certainly unlimited.

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