Brilliance or Madness

My Mind is a River of Steaming Thoughts

Neither do I want to build a Dam or Halt them

Today they are Brilliant and Deep

I ask how much Brilliance is Normal, 

what’s Genius & what’s Madness?!?


These are the unlimited type of thoughts I love

but how many unlimited ideas can be processed

in the span of a day, before the last one settles

the next emerges? They overlap each other like

a collage with many vibrant and bold images.


Maybe the problem is that I wish to capture

each and everyone one, dive into the nooks and

crannies of their truth and share them in conversation.

If I understood that Truth is Eternal, Not mine

and can never be lost nor found…


then perhaps I wouldn’t feel the urgency to hold on to it,

explore or exploit it further than it is showing up.

And since truth is eternally inside everyone, then

it’s not out of the ordinary to have a flowing stream

of fantastic realizations, in fact it is quite Normal!


Being in itself is both the experience of brilliance

and madness, oh it’s a relief that I’m not a Genius!


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