Comments on Avyakt Murli- February 10, 2013

Allowing the snake, that is the vicious body, to finish the entire income.

In this avyakt Murli, certainly BapDada draws our attention into Purity.
I am guessing that something was going on at that time, for BapDada mentioned that “the majority has failed in the subject of brotherly vision.”

It appears as if some souls were not following the subject of purity and were taking it lightly.
BapDada reminds us that this is an important aspect and “our fortune” depends on that.
This Murli had the flavor to me of a Sakar Murli as far as the subtle “force” that BapDada was using so the children would “punish themselves severely” to avoid punishment in the future.

BapDada makes the comparison of being attached to a body as “touching a poisonous snake.”
This comparison is made to create distaste in the children.

It appears to me that this talk was geared towards a particular type of intellect.
In my BK life, I have not use “self-punishment” to correct myself, although I have experienced repression . The sanskara of purity is mainly a transformation of our vision which comes through experiencing elevated feelings from the heart.
If someone is still “trapped” in the “lawful” third chakra to correct himself, the “cooking pressure” will increase. Basically at that point, the sanskaras of being drawn towards a body will be there and “lawfully “repressed. Then, all depends on how much we seclude ourselves from temptations.

Until and unless the heart chakra is used to express feelings, there will not be a change of consciousness. This does not mean that we shouldn’t be close to someone as in a typical relationship, but there will not be a pull of bodily sensations.
As explained in the SM from 2/8/13, there needs to be a change of consciousness in order to move along in this BK life without repressing and inflicting self punishment, force and self aggression.

Celibacy is a great way to climb up in a new consciousness. It is meant to help us “correct” and get there. Bur the feelings of our hearts are the ones that will take us across. That is where new consciousness appears and it is necessary to be aware of that and maintain it.

Lust will definitely take us to a lower state of consciousness. To a lower appreciation of a human being. When the mind is trapped in pleasurable sensations, the mind becomes addicted to it. That addiction will not allow the heart feelings to express themselves freely. There will be an egotistical need to possess, to become attached, to control. At that point is difficult to get out “freely,” and it will require lots of will power to get back.

Definitively, at that point; we are back into the “old world.” AT that point, whatever teachings we have been learning are practically forgotten. The “cooking pressure” will exploit and the sanskara of sex lust will be free.
Thus, It is not a matter of control, but of transformation.

When BapDada was referring to “Maharatis,” I enjoyed his definition of being an embodiment of renunciation and Tapasya, that is to be a great donor.

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  1. vrveerapaneni

    Om Shanti
    I am new to BK Philosophy…and this Murli of Bap Dada is showing the path to the BK SOULS in UNCERTAIN TERMS…..I feel, that there is lot to churn on points, in this Murli.


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