Question: om shanti , we have sustained life on planet earth which is repeating means “nothing new”, then what abt. the existance other celestial bodies in the vast universe , what is there reason for existance ? does they follow the same law of repeatation for the matter exist on them ? can baba`s gyan can explain there survival in universe and does have any possibility of existance of life far from earth ?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
There are in this site a couple of articles that will help to clarify this.
The one below, is about how “collective consciousness,” will allow us to understand and perceive things in a particular way. Let us remember that reality as such is only a perception of it. This is supported by Gyan, for we need to remember that our “perceived” intelligence is nothing but just a role. Through that role is how we perceive the Universe.

According to Gyan, there is no human life outside the Earth. Here is where the Drama occurs.

Scientific knowledge in astronomy is pretentious at this time. As explained in the articles below, even movements of planets around the Earth are not understood. If you add the “new” knowledge of quantum physics, that will complicate matters about topics such as location of celestial bodies. All we have are just theories based on our “research tools” which are extensions of our physical senses. Those theories are changing and will change. However, we just need to remember that “there is a role” running through us which will make us understand things in a certain manner.

Through Gyan, we know that a “big bang” is impossible. That expansion of matter as a consequence of that initial explosion then, is doubtful.
If people “choose” to believe in an initial explosion as the origin of the Universe, “proofs” will be available for that. However, NO ONE has been able to come up with the answer as to how those elements (Hydrogen and helium, scientists tell us) got there in the first place to create the explosion. Who created them? Do we need a God creating things out of nothing to help them out? For me that is a basic logic flaw.

One more item. There is no “reason” for existence. Existence is what always has been existing. If matter exists in other places besides the Earth, then the same laws should apply and that is that matter cannot be created neither destroyed. It only transforms. Basic law which many times we forget. It is a cyclical transformation of matter.

Best wishes!

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