Comments on Sakar Murli- February 11, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, in order to become Narayan from an ordinary man, become -a perfect Brahmin.
A true Brahmin is one who has no enemy, no vice, in him.

Question: Which children receive the Father’s regard*? Who are sensible?
Answer: Those who carry out every task of the yagya with responsibility receive regard from the Father.
They never make mistakes. They consider it their responsibility to be pure and purify others and so they remain engaged in this service. Their behaviour is very royal. They never defame the Father’s name. They are all-rounders, Sensible ones are those who try to pass fully. They never cause sorrow for others. They don’t perform any wrong tasks.

Song: If not today, then tomorrow, these clouds will disperse.

Essence for dharna: .
1. Never cause sorrow to anyone’s heart. Promise that you will never perform sinful actions and that you will become constant bestowers of happiness.
2. Don’t perform any wrong actions through your physical senses. Follow the directions of Bap
and Dada and remove your burden.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of matter and stay beyond any influence of the upheaval of matter with your elevated stage.
You are becoming conquerors of Maya, but you now also have to become conquerors of matter because there will now be a lot of upheaval of matter. Sometimes, the water of the seas will show its influence, sometimes the earth will show its influence. If you are a conqueror of matter no upheaval of the matter will be able to shake you. You will constantly watch all the games as a detached observer. Just as angels are always shown on a high mountain, in the same way, you angels also have to stay in a constantly elevated stage, for the higher you are, accordingly, you will automatically be beyond any upheaval.

Slogan: To give all souls the experience of co-operation through your elevated vibrations is real tapasya.


In this Murli, Baba emphasizes the topic of purity again (just like yesterday’s avyakt Murli.) However, here his standard is very high:” A true Brahmin is one who has no enemy, no vie in him,” That appears to me as a Deity, not a Brahmin. Also, Baba mentions this line which is used in Catholicism as well: “Help yourself and the Father will help you.” We can see that this is not a “transaction” but helping ourselves is a way to open a “karmic account” that obviously; will be in proportion to the type of deeds that we perform. Therefore, “if we do not help ourselves” then the “Father will not help us.” 🙂

It is always amusing to see that “ if you don’t do this or the other, you will get severely punished” but then towards the end, Baba talks about “not being in the fortune of that one.” The guilt is shifted from a person’s efforts into a matter of “fortune.”

It would be good to ask ourselves if what we are following and what we love is due to just being God himself or because there is that “fear of being punished.” Definitely, one cannot go with the other. Where there is love, there is no fear.

Below some points to churn:

“A true Brahmin is one who has no enemy, no vice, in him.”

High expectation. That is a Deity.

“Those who remain pure are said to be Brahmins. Everything depends on purity. This is called the impure sinful world. Human beings who are impure don’t understand the meaning of being pure. The iron age is the impure world and the golden age is the pure world. No one knows this.”

Purity is lack of vices. It is not just celibacy. There could be physical celibacy but impure thoughts. Celibacy is definitely necessary for a greater state of consciousness, but it is not the “end goal.” The goal is freedom from vices.

“If, after being called Brahmins or Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, you still become impure or indulge in vice, then you are not a BK. Brahmins never indulge in vice. Those who indulge in vice are called shudras.”

This is where the term “numberwise” comes. Only a Brahmin could become a “Shudra,” but a “lokik” person is beyond that “terminology” for in their perspective and make up, (roles) Celibacy is not part of their life style.
Note the interesting “pardox” of knowledge: A Brahmin soul who indulges in vice, will g to the Silver age. That is the “warrior” clan. But a Buddhist monk or a Christian priest who follows celibacy (especially Christian priest who follow celibacy “out of love for God”) will not even be a subject at the end of the Silver age. He will be in the Copper age. Food for thought. Drink for feelings. This means to me that being “born” in the Copper age is not “worse” or a “sign of failing,” but it is merely a sign of the capacity of a soul. The experience of God for a Christian soul will be there. Perhaps this “sanskara” of love to God is the one who “comes up” in the Copper age, right away in their first birth. After all, Abraham (first prophet soul) is not a BK soul according to Gyan. This will make more sense to me rather than thinking that a BK soul who experienced a “God-less” life for 2500 years, all of the sudden, has the sanskara of devotional love to God in the Copper age.

“To the extent that you remember Him. so accordingly you receive His help.”

Help yourself… and I will help you.. 🙂
Fortunately, we know about the law of karma.

“It shouldn’t be that you first become maids or servants and that you then claim a kingdom. By remembering the Father, you will receive His help. Otherwise, one sin or another is committed and there is damage. They cause a lot of sorrow. “

This is one of other interesting aspects of Gyan. Effort is for the first birth. After that, even someone who was a maid or servant in the Golden age, could be a King in the Silver age.

“Perform every task of the yagya with responsibility. When no mistakes are made, Baba will give you regard. Otherwise, Dharamraj will give such punishment which you would never have experienced even in jail. Therefore, the Father says: Have all your sins burnt away through yoga before destruction takes place. Otherwise, there will have to be punishment in the land of Dharamraj for the sins of many births. Therefore, don’t make mistakes! This is your final birth. You will then go to heaven. To experience a beating and then claim the status of a subject is not called making effort. At that time, you will have to cry out in distress. “

With such a “Don’t make mistakes or else,” type of incentive, fear will be created. Fear of making a mistake. Paradoxically, nothing that occurs in the Drama is a “mistake.” If we add another Gyani line such as: “ The role is recorded” already in every soul; then we could wonder if “punishment” is something received for the “fun” of it. If we add that “only 8 will pass with honors,” then, the odds are high that “punishment” will be part of our experience.

“It is so easy, but if it is not in someone’s fortune, it cannot sit in his intellect. It would be like pouring water on to a hot griddle. In that case, you have to understand that that one doesn’t belong to your sun or moon dynasty kingdom. However, many subjects are to be created.”

That is the issue with seeing knowledge in a “status” conscious way. No one wants to be a subject, but.. many are needed… 🙂


  1. avyakt7

    Glad to know that, dear soul!
    On your question: This is one of those issues which I like to issue “Quantum physics” and the power of “being and non-being.”
    For some eggs will be part of a vegetarian diet, for others… they are not. 🙂
    When we respect both positions, our diet of blessings increase…
    Best wishes!


  2. BrahmaKumar DR.SATYANARAYAN

    Dear Divine OM SHANTI Congratulations for being a platform so many queries of many souls around the world through this medium.. Even for myself your answer once helped me to decide a big “turn” in my life.  This time my question is “I have faced some people claiming eggs to be vegetarian diet, what would be the best answer 🙂  ?”


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