Question: dear soul i am very happy to be able to read what all is written in this blog , i thank u and i thank baba.i came to gyan 4 years ago.i am muslim , a mother and married,and my marriage is a sucsse. i love my spiritual birth .murli is a food for the question ,:beeing in this confluence age, what does baba really mean by “stay in ur household , fullfill ur responsabilities, and remain pure” how can a wife remaine pur in baba’s eyes, and fulfil her reponsability ,toword her husband of the iron age? knowing that no one is right or wrong , it ‘s drama which is always perfect! i feel its a matter of consciousness, but still i want to be sur it’s not man mat!! thank u againe in baba’s love

Dear soul,

Thank you for your good question!

I feel that knowledge of this gyan is meant so we can trust our respective roles in life. We have been accepting advice from everyone else. Even we have been taught to listen to our “calculative” mind and its thoughts of “good and bad.”

This Gyan is practical. Dear soul, listen to your heart. The role is waiting to be heard. Not everyone is called in this life to do the same things. As you understand the concept of “numberwise,” just learn to listen to that inner voice of the heart, learn to develop it, learn to align with it. That is all.

Trying to follow words without knowing the spirit of those words, is like being stuck in a traffic light for hours, just because it shows the “red” color and because the “law” says that you never go across a “red light.” 🙂

Your responsibilities in life are according to your role and according to your circumstances. There is “timing” for everything. The fruit is ripe at a certain time and not when we want. We need to learn to wait, enjoy life as it is “right now” and follow our heart.

God would like you to be happy. God loves you “unconditionally.”
That is the God I know.

Best wishes!

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