Question: Om Shanti. Dear Brother Soul. It is said that purity (being celibate) has highest power. But my questions is : most of the souls up to certain age will have purity. But still they look or feel powerless. I couldn’t understand when we will experience that power.Do we have reach certain age to experience that power? Some souls will come to this gyan in mid of their life. Still they experience same power as those who are celibate since they are born. What are your thoughts on this? The reason for asking this question is, though i’m practicing celibacy, I’m not experiencing anything special.

Thank you for your good question!

Dear soul,

For me the “reason” to practice celibacy is “reformation.” In my pre-Bk days, I did what everyone thought to be “normal,” even though that meant being a slave of sex-lust. Without this “reformation” it is not possible to “ascend” into feelings of the heart (4th Chakra) and thus, transform sex-lust into feelings of love and appreciation. At this point in your BK journey, you will see that there is no need to “run away” from the opposite gender and as a matter of fact, there will not be fear of expressing appreciation, love and care. Contrast this with the experience of a typical “renunciate,” who goes away “into the forests” to avoid temptations or that they shave their hair so everyone looks the same.

You can be celibate from birth. It does not mean a thing, if you are still repressing when feeling attracted. As a matter of fact, that “attraction” for physical things will diminish as higher chakras are developed, but it does not mean that you cannot express appreciation. Again, unless the heart chakra is developed, the beauty of celibacy will not be understood. You cannot develop higher chakras in yourself if your sexual energy is being “wasted.” Sexual energy allows you to transform the self, that is “improving” or to repress and suppress so your celibate life will be a “hellish” life of self punishment.

That is where “power” comes. It is the power to ascend and not to descend or repress. Celibacy is way more than no indulging in sex lust. If your consciousness have changed, then you are into something. Otherwise, it is just a “burden” which many souls will feel that they had enough and because of that they will leave Gyan.

Another great benefit of practicing celibacy without repression, is that your power to understand “subtle things” and overall openness to life, will increase. There is no fear, so life is accepted. That is “power.”

Best wishes!

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