Question: Om shanti. Dear Brother Soul, My question is regarding Food. Till now I don’t have any problem as I’m staying alone and mostly I had raw food without any cooking. Now I’m planning to start my profession life where my role is to interact with people. Do we (Brahmin souls) have to strictly avoid any item (cooked as well as natural food item) offered by the colleagues, boss and other friends. What is your experience and your views on this? what about food cooked by lokik mother who is not in gyan?

Thank you for your question.

Dear soul,

Similar question have been answered here. You can search the word “cooking” in the blog.

You are fortunate if you have created a taste for “raw” food. Certainly, it is a great choice. In my experience at work, whenever there is a “party” (once every month at least) fortunately they have fruit platters or veggie platters as well. I would pick a couple of items and mingle with the people and extend my “eating time.” Other times I have been offered to eat their lasagna or pizza or something else. Here is where my “list of allergies” and the “severe punishment” that I receive after indulging in such tasty food items, comes in handy.

I am “allergic” to onions and garlic (so everything they cook, have those items) and they know that I am vegetarian, and it is viewed as something “good” which if they had the “will power” to do it, they would do it.

I would stick with “raw” food so, issues will not appear when mingling with people. That includes your relatives as well. If you would like to eat a cooked item, it is much better to do it yourself.

As you know we are “numberwise” so, whatever I have stated above is just my own way of tackling those issues. By the way, I am considering increasing the amount of “raw” food items into my diet. I have never liked to cook. It is something which does not come “naturally” to me, but I have seen the benefits and that is what matters to me.

Best wishes!

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