Question: Dear brother, As you have mentioned below- ““ The role is recorded” already in every soul; then we could wonder if “punishment” is something received for the “fun” of it. If we add that “only 8 will pass with honors,” then, the odds are high that “punishment” will be part of our experience.” This clearly explains, if we can’t make it in 8, the punishment is definitely part of our soul recording :) that does not mean our effort should decrease, however the question that arises is no matter what the role needs to roll….even knowing that there is the punishment… is it then matter of how much punishment?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

“Punishment” is a “little child” word. We cannot be “punished” for a role running through us. The issue which give us suffering is when ego comes up and would like to control things based on intellectual thinking, analysis and morality ( as following black or white laws in our understanding of what is good and proper.) There are different levels of consciousness. If you tell “John Doe” to follow his heart and do what he feels to be natural; he will certainly think that his vices are part of that. That is why, to align with “our” Drama, requires a previous work to understand the self, which very few people are willing to do.

The right word is “settlement.” That word does not have the meaning of being “beaten up” as punishment does. In fact, “settlement” is the end of the experience of duality for souls. As we are numberwise, some souls are able to settle their accounts (duality) and when “death” is experienced there will not be any suffering. That suffering increases in other souls, but at the same time settlement is proportional to a soul’s capacity. In other words, nothing could be overwhelming for a soul to experience. The proof is that we are still here.. 😉

Let us say that John Doe lived a life surrounded by all sorts of pleasure. He was into the senses and the pleasurable sensations of them. John had many people in his life to fulfill his needs and whims because he thought that “variety is the spice of life.” Thus, he developed serious attachments to physical things. When it was time for John to leave his body, John wasn’t ready. He was fighting it. When death came he was suffering for he wasn’t prepared to leave his current life style. That suffering means “lots of suffering” for John; due to his inability to cope with changes. That same experience of death may not have the same impact on another soul who has worked in the self. That is the difference. That is what is known as “punishment,” in “the children language.”

More vices means more suffering.

Best wishes!

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