Question: I haven’t understood this clearly please explain… A Christian priest who follows celibacy (especially Christian priest who follow celibacy “out of love for God”) will not even be a subject at the end of the Silver age.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

This point is one of those things of gyan that is truly “food for thought.”
Sakar Murlis gives great emphasis to celibacy (purity) Even though a BK soul leaves gyan due to sex-lust. It is mentioned that this soul will go to the Silver age, where he could be a “subject.” Then you wonder if celibacy is really the main qualification to be in the Silver age of the cycle? That is why I am bringing up the case of catholic priests who follows celibacy but yet, according to the Drama; they are not “worth to be in the Silver age.” See the point? 🙂

This brings to my mind, the fact that souls belong to a particular “section.” Recognition of Baba is what makes that particular section in the case of BK souls. At the same time, it brings the awareness that there is no such a thing as “the Silver age is better than the Copper age,” for every soul will feel at “home” in their particular age. Intellectually, we think in terms of “better” or “worse,” we like to compare. The beauty of the Drama is that “intellectualism” is not able to understand the perfection of it.

We never become “better. We can only become what we have been. 🙂 and that will eternally repeat.

Best wishes!

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  1. B.K.Gayathri

    Om shanti. Yes, it is food for thought! i feel that those who have ardently followed shrimat for some time have left this path later due to ‘lust’ are sure to comeback to Baba before the end of the cycle, even it means their next birth. The seed of this knowledge is imperishable and it will emerge again when it is time for the soul. So, those who have taken this knowledge and have left would take up this study in all earnestness once again before the drama ends. Those souls go with the sanskars of a Brahmin hence get an entry to first half of the cycle.
    Priests belonging to whatever religion and whether they are men or women, if they had followed celibacy, accordingly they would be born in that particular religion when they enter the ‘world stage’ once again.
    It feels nice to see that every soul reaps the fruit of his efforts.


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