Comments on Sakar Murli – February 15, 2013

Essence: Sweet children, you Brahmins are Godly students. The Father has given you knowledge of the Creator and creation and made you master janijananhar (one who knows everything). You now know everything.

Question: Which children have the intoxication of explaining to others?
Answer: Those who have the treasures of knowledge. Those who understand everything and imbibe it are able to explain to others with intoxication. You have to give everyone the Father’s
introduction with intoxication and show them how to claim their inheritance from Him.

Song: I have come having awakened my fortune.

Essence for dharna:
1.Speak knowledge and become master oceans and Ganges of knowledge and serve to make
impure ones pure.
2.Explain to everyone very tactfully. Don’t discuss these things with anyone. Give everyone the
Father’s introduction.

Blessing: May you be a generous-hearted, great donor who distributes fortune by staying in the awareness of your fortune and the Father, the Bestower of Fortune.
When you remember both the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, and your fortune, you will have the zeal and enthusiasm to make others fortunate. Just as the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, distributes fortune through Brahma, in the same way, you are also children of the Bestower and you therefore have to continue to distribute fortune. Those people would distribute clothes and food and some would even give gifts, but no one can be satisfied with that. You have to share your fortune because where there is fortune there are all attainments. Be a generous hearted and elevated great donor in distributing your fortune. Constantly continue to bestow.
Slogan: Those who belong to One and move along with economy are loved by God.


In this Murli, one of the main points, is the contrast between the “one kingdom,” and “many.” That sort of separation has been extended into “my religion,” and “other people’s religion.”
That sense of separation is also viewed in :” We are the true God’s children,” the rest are also but not as “true,” or “pure,” as “Us.” It is important to see that whenever there is separation, there will be ego. In “Pure Gyan,” when we deal with perceptions of reality, we can observe that our perception is based on our own experience. That experience is made into a religion and then when enough followers are in it, a name such as “The true religion,” would make the “difference.” By doing this it would be about demonstrating how our “belief” is better than someone else’s. For this demonstration, our experience is not enough, we need to look into their philosophy, and here is where more comparisons, separations, differences, contrasts, etc. occur.
It is important to realize that a collective experience such as being a BK soul, does not make the holder of that experience as the possessor of “truth.” Every soul has their own.
Below some points to churn.

“When you children hear this, you understand that Baba is explaining accurately. However, due to one reason or another, you are unable to imbibe and this is why you are unable to inspire others to imbibe. There is one obstacle or another. Although the Father explains very clearly, we are dull students.”

Baba was explaining accurately for the intellect of the “children” at that time. That is one of the reasons as to why the Sakar Murli cannot be taken literally. (I know, I have expressed this idea several times already) 
Imbibing it is not just a matter of intellectual understanding but there has to be experience of that which we understand. That is what takes time, for the teachings come according to time.

“If even one guru knew the path to liberation or salvation, hundreds of thousands of followers would follow him. People go on those pilgrimages and then come back, but why would they come back from the land of liberation? If someone were to find the path, he would take everyone else with him. The one Father has now come and so all of you find the way. He liberates everyone from the world of sorrow and this is why He is called the Liberator.”

The Drama by itself “liberates” everyone. That is not the Father. There is no “path of liberation or salvation,” what there is the “path to Deitism,” which is the only path for Brahmin souls.

“When the night of Brahma comes to an end, the night of the Brahma Kumars and Kumaris also comes to an end.”

Let me ask this question. Did the night of Brahma come to an end? If yes, because Brahma Baba is angelical now, then the above is not accurate.

“The Father says: By coming to know Me and My creation through Me you will come to know everything. There is then nothing left to know. You pass such a big examination, that is. you become master janijananhar. Only Brahmins are Godly students. Deities, merchants and shudras cannot be Godly students. God only speaks to Brahmins.”

As we know, “knowing God is a numberwise business.” In the last sentence, we can see things that are not accurately inferred by generalizing.
First, every soul should be a “Godly student.” (In all actuality, it is just a role. God has nothing to do with it.) Through “Pure Gyan,” we know about roles and parts and the Drama. The second phrase expresses that idea of a Brahmin being a Godly student in a different manner. However, when the phrase: “God only speaks to Brahmins is added,” then there is exclusivity, which is not so; for every religion has their own version of God speaking to them through their religious founder. It would have been more accurate to say “at this time.”

“The Father churns the ocean of knowledge and this is why He explains to us. Brahma too says: All living beings are my children. Adi Dev, Adam, is the father of all. It isn’t that there weren’t any human beings and then Adam created human beings. No, the incorporeal Father first definitely has to enter Adam because only then can He create the mouth-born creation.”

First, God does not need to churn knowledge. This is a Murli point. If Brahma Baba is the “father of all,” then all souls are his children; therefore Brahmins… and because of that the phrase above (“God only speaks to Brahmins,”) in this case would be true.

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