Love-It’s what You were Born to Do

Not something you Get or Give
It’s Who You Are and How to Live
It’s Seeing Beyond the Layers to the Light
Understanding Everyone’s Feelings are Right
Sharing from the Innocence of a Pure Heart
Allowing others to Play their Part
Realizing you are Full and Overflowing
Trusting your Inner Voice and Knowing
Being Happy and Sharing Happiness Too
Giving Full Attention to All you Do
Believing in Someone’s Capacity to Change
Operating from the Present, Letting Trust Reign
In a Glance you can know it All,
Whether it’s Love or Ego’s Draw
If it’s Care, Compassion and Faith
Or If it’s Fear, Suppression and Rape
Wanting to Take this or that from the Other
Now it’s time to Awaken the Mother!
The Mother inside who can Nurture and Heal
In this, Mother Earth Teaches a Great Deal
The Time is Upon us to Realize our Fate
That we were Born to Give, Not to Take
Receiving is the Natural Residual
When each one is a Loving Individual!
Love, It’s what you were Born to Do…

world with heart


  1. vrveerapaneni

    Its ‘LOVE’ to read, to see, to feel, and to enlighten ‘OURSELVES’, when the ‘PEARLS’ roll out from the angelsplay….yes we ‘thesouls’ understand the ‘real meaning’ of LOVE……Thanks…anglesplay!


    • angelsplay

      Thank you Loving Soul for your Sweet reply. It’s the wonder of realizing ourselves and our natural capacity to Give/ Be Love. We were born for that, even in this last birth, but somehow forgot in the interim by trying to fill up from the outside. Good to be back in the seat of Sharing/Giving….because here there is always overflow!


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