Qustion: Sweet soul… I have just reached 20. I am in gyan for 1 month. I am finding it very hard to remain focussed and remain elevated in that spiritual stage. One moment i feel rising my chakra level above that 2nd stage and the next moment i cant hold on to that chakra of 2nd level and lose it all succumbing to maya. Is it hormones or something else ? I feel if i am not able to get out of this cycle i will never be able to rise in my spiritual stage. Best wishes.

Thank you for your honest question.

Dear soul,
I will extend myself a bit this time. Please bear with me.

I have written extensively about this topic, but I wish that what I say is not being taken literally for otherwise there will not be “real” understanding which is based on your experience. If there is an “intellectual understanding” of my words before the experience and you believe that I am some sort of “Guru,” or “Shri,” etc. then you will not acknowledge your own, for you will think that your own experience does not fit your intellectual understanding or expectation of what “should be right.”

This is a deep point of realization when we study “pure gyan,” for we are aware that every role is different in every actor and thus, their perception on things.

As far as your question:
When I speak about the “Chakras” is not necessarily so we can go to the nearby healer so he can “align my chakras” by placing his magic stones over my body. It is not about “raising the kundalini” either. It is an explanation on how we express in life according to our level of consciousness. That expression has been already described and given a particular “Chakra” name.

When you feel this process in your life, you will understand what I am talking about.

In the case of sexual energy (which is your question) when some feel attraction to another, they will feel a funny sensation where the 2nd Chakra is located. When someone repress a desire due to following a “moral code,” their stomach will be affected, etc. As I mentioned before, there is some work, some karmic accounts which need to be settled for the heart to open up again so we can feel; and this is the whole purpose of remembrance of Baba, to open that heart while we are living the “lawful” third chakra experience of reforming ourselves by following the Brahmin Code of conduct.

In your personal case, you are very young in age and just starting the BK path of “reformation.”
The good thing is that you are starting early. The “bad” thing is that your sexual energy is peaking.

That means for most “nocturnal emissions,” higher level of testosterone which will give you greater aggresivity. For a “normal” person; that is “good;” for a BK that needs to be balanced. For some it is through arts (music, dancing, etc) in my case, I had way too much energy and I went into sports (triathlon.)That seemed to help. Now, with knowledge I would have done both (arts and sports.)

By all means be active, use that energy. Follow the code of conduct as much as possible; that should keep you safe until life is ready to show you other things. You are starting the path, so it is good to be in company of BKs as well who inspire you and understand your changes.

Finally, do not forget to meditate (remembrance, yoga, tapasya, etc, etc) as much as possible for it is there where your experiences will be valuable for your self transformation.

One month is not much time, for most it takes many years to feel “free from sex-lust” if ever.
Welcome to the journey. Maintain courage, determination and be compassionate towards you at the same time. Help will be on the way.

Best wishes!

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  1. Protim

    Thanks a lot my sikhilade brother. Balance is the key here. Energy must be channelised in productivity which can be done through more and more yoga. Also want to become karmateet (soul conscious) as fast as possible. There’s such beauty and bliss in this state.


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