Question: Dear brother….its today 1mnth at BK and after first three days i felt that i was in touch with Paramaatma but after that there were no thoughts in next three-six days….worried i m not but still worried….I never trusted God but knew there is power….Yes many times said words scolded Him but never knew it is a forever journey…..Was in conflict with parents,sisters,wife,friends because of my ego but after i am family of BK i realise my mistakes but it seems i cannot let go those deeds…..actually i still do not know my mind is it in muddha,kshipta,vikshipta,ekagra or niruddha state…..i feel my mind has everything but still my mind has nothing is it blank will i ever get to reach the Ultimate Soul,My Father…..please help….i am small business man and yes i need money because i made a wife enter my life my parents want me to earn now my childrens want things and this way when i meditate these thoughts come yes i try to be deattatched but will i not be hurting them if i cannot perform my responsibilities…..please Brother show me a way……

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

Your Drama is perfect. It is for you. Don’t think that you have to deny your family and work to be with God. That is just an idea which may work for some but no for others.

Spiritual efforts to maintain clarity of mind despite the situation is “true spirituality.” If you are dependent on others; what others tell you, that means that you do not have what it takes to discover your own path.

Trust life. Give yourself time for meditation, explore the self in this way. That is all what is needed. Let changes happen gradually. Improve your diet, provide the environment for your family to grow and prosper but you don’t have to provide for their whims and fantasies.

Don’t think that having greater free time means that you can “do more service,” or become “better” spiritually. That is a myth.

It is just about feeling the real self. Nothing more than that. If you could realize the self while in your small shop, that would be it. Nothing complicated, nothing exotic, nothing that requires money, nor social status nor a religion… not even “time”….just your complete awareness.

You can use your experience with God to guide you. Because you have experienced, you have a better idea on how to get there.

Best wishes!

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  1. Dr. Dilip V. Kaundinya

    First step= 100% belief and Faith in God. Second step= daily minimum one hour Rajayoga at Amrutvela 4am to 5am. Traffick control for just one minute every one or two hours.-Just remind yourself u r a peaceful, loveful, blissful, pure and powerful soul.Third step= daily 10 minutes of connecting with Supreme Soul for drawing powers and inspirations. Fourth step= Never miss Murali.Jot down the 1]title 2] question & its answer 3] dharana ke liye saar 4] Vardan and 5] slogan in a separate Spiritual dairy obtained from the BK-centre.
    Any time mind id blank[thoughtless] or in turmoil refer to any one Murali at random.Your doubts and tensions shall immediately vanish as if by miracle. All the things that appear bleak and depressing at present , shall disappear., WITHIN 3 MONTHS.
    i am talking from my own experience.I had all the turmoils u mentioned plus 7 incurable diseases. An unseen hand removed them all and health, happiness, harmony and peace and of course prosperity came in automatically.Shi baba says” sada dilkhush mithai khao aur khilao..Hardan khush raho.Khushi jaisi khurak nahi.” our problem is that our mind,right from childhood , has been programmed to DISBELIEVE even the WORDS OF GOD.
    Dr. Dilip v. Kaundinya


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