Question: I wanted to say that we souls and the bodies which are made of 5 elements of nature are different and seperate. If we souls and the bodies are different and seperate,then how do we souls feel the touch of body? How can we souls see through the physical eyes? How can we souls hear through the physical ears? How can we souls smell through the physical nose? How can we souls feel the taste through the physical tongue? How can we souls also act through the body? How do we souls take birth in the bodies and also leave the bodies? Do we souls take birth in the bodies to experience our spiritual mind,intellect,sanskar,nature,qualities,virtues,attributes,power,specialities,resources,khajanos,relationships and connections?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,
What you are talking about is the “mystery” of Quantum mechanics which is also known as “being and non-being.”

If we say: “I am a soul and not the body,” we automatically deny all of those things that you mentioned above as not being “us,” which we perceive through the physical senses. We couldn’t know what “smell” is without the nose, but the perceiver is the soul, who in all gyani understanding, does not really perceive but it is experiencing the role of perceiving through the nose, the sense of smell. See?
Everything goes back to a role. Thus, we are souls; but our perception is related with our consciousness. We are human beings as well when our consciousness is in the physical world. We are beings of light, when our consciousness is in that realm.

Language is very limited. If we are BK souls we know that our perception of us as souls have been understood with the consciousness of having a body, although that consciousness was in soul consciousness at one time.

Best wishes!

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