Question: Om Shanti It is explained in the GYAN that the original nature of a SOUL is PURITY, PEACE, LOVE, BLISS and POWER. It is only because of loosing its ‘original nature’ by SOULS, the NATURE also got polluted and the present day conditions in this LOUKIK WORLD. Kindly elucidate on: WHETHER its the DUALITY in our nature that is causing PURITY to become IMPURE and the Present Day Situation and we are heading towards DOOMSDAY?

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

It is a story. It is the story of going up to come down, so we can go up again (duality.) The sotry of how “one” becomes “two” so it can become “One” again.
Reality and illusion, purity and impurity, etc. “Reality” has been replaced by “Illusion.” That is not the Nature of the self but the name of the eternal game (Drama.)
How something which has reached the highest level of entropy (impurity) goes back into low entropy? (numberwise purity) Through destruction. That works both ways. Going up and coming down.

Just a game which we call with different names.

Best wishes!

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